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Talking about the design idea of being a user as a fool

is a reply to the user when the pump freely flowing style of writing: a fool, can make the design of


two is a rough idea of the idea of "being a user as a fool.".

On the

a log is the theme of the guiding ideology of the user experience of the user as a fool, I think we can understand this victory "fool" means, but some people still understand the user really really become a fool. God, I’ve become a user of sinners. On any website, the user is God, is God, is our big boss, they are clever…

makes users a fool and can understand that all users of the site are treated as primary users (users who first enter the site and primary Internet users who do not often surf the Internet). From this direction, we may have new discoveries about the user experience of the website, which will inspire us to improve the lack of user experience.


site is oriented to various types of users, according to industry, the traditional hardware, construction, chemical, clothing, computer users, IT expert users; according to qualifications, there are high school and college students, graduate students, doctoral students in the network age, the user; a geek, intermediate users and primary users. In the user experience, although we face all types of users can not be perfect, but the total victory that, there is always a design that allows the vast majority of users understand, do not need users to think, a look will be able to understand. No, let’s look at the user as a "fool", because the user is a fool, we need to make the content simple and straightforward expression, popular, easy to understand, simple interaction.

, a site that meets the primary user experience, is better understood by intermediate and advanced users. For any new site, his website is new to users, and on the other hand, users are primary users of new sites. This time the user experience is the primary user, and the intermediate users, senior users from the site is the primary user development.

user classification, on the other hand, some would think that primary users of a web site do not include users who first entered the site, which accounts for the majority. You can understand that, but that doesn’t mean anything, because a site that suits the primary user experience can also be appropriate for the mid – and advanced user experience. We can go to see the market network, 58 city, platform network, it is well done, for classification information website, the user base is the most divergent, all sectors of all ages have. They are designed and stand out from the user experience point of view. But Ganji and 58 city blocks and their websites without the website brand processing well, that you put the 58 city LOGO replaced ganji.com LOGO, I think this is ganji.com, this is a big mistake. The platform network, though it was all grey, had the strongest impression in my mind.

Baidu’s character: simple, dependent, that includes this idea, but he has a deeper level of user to web content

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