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Please respect others do not say casually that people are liars

a few days ago in the backward a recruitment information update. But many people replied that I told IP, that despise me, call me a liar, see the answer really sad, say you didn’t lie, but others say you are a liar you sad not sad.

I want to just say those others liar who said, please don’t say a person, please do not say that these people are not in evidence, please not to express your ideas just to insult a man’s character.

may have good friends found a very cheap value. This kind of friends feel good, it is sent to the forum to share, but some people feel what kind of pie ah, is a liar, and replied " 2 words, liar " with you 2 words just don’t know how sad you. If you can not prove that the landlord is a liar, then please do not reply. Because a random response from you may affect the mood of someone else’s day. It’s very bad for others to bring convenience to you, but you respond to them with sadness.

now the Internet is indeed a lot of crooks, but not everyone is a liar, so many people in China, so many Internet users, are liars? Respect for others is respect for yourself. Please don’t say a cheater without any evidence.

of course, if someone really cheated you, you can go to the relevant impact of the forum to post ah, posted proof ah, so that others are not fooled.

, there’s nothing to write about. I just hope those people who casually say other people pay attention.

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