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User experience is actually very close to us good user experience victory in front

in the webmaster forums can often see many webmaster about user experience, especially in the present, Baidu update algorithm, let the webmaster confused, do not know how to optimize your web site, the user experience is more likely to be filed. Before long a see user experience, I was uncomfortable, also hate the mention of "user experience" because the word "user experience" in my opinion is a relatively abstract concept, which I do not know how to achieve in reality. With the webmaster class in the mix for a long time, SEO knowledge continues to accumulate, the "user experience" this previously considered abstract words, with a new understanding.

The broad concept of the

user experience is a purely subjective feeling built up during the user’s use of the product, and its full English name is User Experience, referred to as UE. From this concept, we can feel that the user experience is very close to us, it is not what I had thought is very abstract, for example: we’re going to drive a car, get in the test drive in the process of the car feel that we say to the user experience. The website based on the user experience is the same, is the user to access your site, in the information process user access to the user from your website want, on your web site, feel that we often say that the website user experience. The speed of the website, the overall layout and beauty of the website can affect the user’s evaluation of your website, and even determine whether the user will visit your website again next time. Next, I will realize what I understand and communicate with each other, master will not joke, choose to drift is right.

is a stable server: you are browsing like Sina, Tencent and other portals, I believe we all their response rate and the layout of the site and leave a deep impact, such as the me, the response speed of the webmaster nets, I have endless admiration. Of course this is to rely on the burn, we generally like the kind of grassroots webmaster can not do, but must do is choose a can also speed, stable server, do not return "from time to time to connect, it must do.

two is the site as a whole style simple and elegant, the design must be reasonable: Although different user interface of different styles, but the style of the overall site design, should fully consider the user’s visual enjoyment, such as the site selection of color, if you choose the overall black, will let users feel uncomfortable. The design must be reasonable for this problem, we should pay attention to consider the user quick love this feature, for example: the user registration module, if the registered design is complex, I believe that the user is not registered, he simply click on other web sites. There is the website navigation design to be reasonable, this can increase the user on your website stay time. Of course, the overall design of the site requires strong technical force as a support, for no technical, no funds grassroots webmaster, you need to continue to learn, and constantly improve their own technology.

three is site positioning must be clear >

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