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Talk about the black matters of the new network agent

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at home, he is the agent be arranged, most of them are black beyond count, some agents, you are not experienced, may not know, here I will talk about the new network agent commonly used trick.

1. Low prices attract customers

The new

black network, most are under the low price to attract customers, some first registered or let you lose money, when you hooked you know his real purpose. Last August, I saw the name of a registered cn ipx*com*cn yuan slogan in the Taobao online, so I want to at that time, I registered and will not use meters, continued for second years, go up five CN meters. At that time did not intend to renew all the time to write all of the domain name is built. It knows the weather is unpredictable, meters in more than five months, authenticity the state requires the audit of CN meters, is not true of all people, you will stop 2.1 meters to.

two. Second year renewal often expensive

The new

black network, when you first registered asked him what issues he will say to you very low, when you ask him after the renewals of the time, he will answer you, how many people are we is how much you can. Don’t believe his words. For example, when I registered in the ipx*com*cn and I asked him how much he said now is a renewal, registration is one, renewal time is certainly one yuan. When you put the meter registered asked him to go, he said, is how much is the system prompt, the yuan would not say a thing. I am. At that time. Rice registered, it is unlikely that I have to use it at the end. But now it is not good, only half a year.

three. Do not let out agent

The new

black network, out of rice do you want, it is not possible, why say so. Because the first year when some agents registered lost money make you registered, you turn away, he also how to find good money. You call to ask the new network headquarters. They say is the agent of things, they are busy. How is the new network management, I do not comment. I only know that if we are registered in the A5 meters, if there is any problem, idc.admin5.com salesman untreated, directly to the graph king, graph king will not push the rest to you.

four. Don’t let out new web

‘s policy is dead, not to mention the new network under the black agent. If you turn out to be meters, people will find a variety of reasons. Not to speak to you, call you, people do not pick you up, you add the customer’s QQ, people take you straight to pull black. I’m not saying that all agents under the new network is just like that, I just said that the black.A5 agent under the new network of IDC will do very well, when out of rice do you want, as long as they contact the clerk, they will be the first time for your safety.

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