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Talk about a starting line for WeChat ordering O2O from the four line city

currently, with the major electricity supplier competition, the entire electricity supplier in a second tier cities increasingly fierce competition, and the concept of entering the three or four line of the city has been more and more people mentioned. In this regard, many electricity supplier who also believes that a second tier cities electricity supplier and user spending habits have been very full of mining, compared to the three or four wire city electricity supplier potential still has not been excavated. In this context, the three or four wire city will become the future of the electricity supplier industry new nuggets.


, I need to explain my four – line city. Shanxi, Yangquan, maybe some people in this area are not very familiar with it. They haven’t even heard of it. Yangquan is located between Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang, and the distance between the two cities is more than 100 kilometers. And our restaurant is located in Yangquan City Development Zone, Tianjin Road, 8 Dragon Court District, we founded in August 2009, covers an area of about 1000 square meters. Our restaurant mainly in Yanbei flavor, Inner Mongolia for mutton (Roasted Whole Lamb, Roast Lamb Leg, lamb ridge, Baked Lamp Chop, stewed mutton, etc.) for the characteristics of health food. There are two floors in our shop, which can hold more than 400 people at the same time. This is one of our general situations.

takeaway room pain point

under the national anti-corruption wind, many upscale restaurants have turned to mass consumption, and we make a popular restaurant, in addition to the consumer to shop outside, is thinking about how to through the network, especially the normalized O2O, bigger and stronger in our store delivery business. At our restaurant, we decided to start taking the web O2O takeaway, and WeChat’s software has naturally become a focus of our consideration. Before we have to do away, but the main problem is the phone, one at noon, call the customer ordering peak, in particular, often connected to the phone, often in a busy and busy state, the user experience is not good. Even sometimes, our restaurant staff because of busy, inevitably chaos, and occasionally wrong user’s address and the like, resulting in delivery wrong place, the whole process is very wrong.

WeChat takeaway, solve our soft underbelly,

We are

for this problem was tangled when I focused on a reputation of catering diagnosis public accounts recommended a report about WeChat ordering system of the article, so we try to understand. Plus, as we are in a four – tier city like Yangquan, the Internet and mobile Internet are emerging and being used by more and more people. WeChat, in particular, has a APP software that must be installed in most young people’s smartphones. So, WeChat ordering, this model began to enter our line of sight.

after we detailed understanding, especially with the WeChat ordering software development company in Shenzhen City, the new cloud technology staff to understand, we recognize the WeChat quietly rising meal mode has not recently happened, their new cloud technology has already begun to do, in the first and the second tier city has sold a year. >

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