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What are the usual 301 redirects for web sites

website for 301 redirects, there are many occasions, the use of 301 redirects can optimize the site to play a role in the search engine is also more friendly approach. Most of the information related to the web is about how 301 redirects are used, instead of introducing what kind of situation you need to use 301 redirects. Well, what are the 301 redirects usually used? The following, I would like to introduce to you 301 redirect applications.

one, multiple domain names, a website for occasions:

now many enterprises have two or more than two of the domain name, but sometimes they are not many website construction and maintenance personnel, therefore, to the construction and maintenance of a website is the lack of manpower, this is usually a good website. But how did the original multiple domains bind to a web site? Some companies would only retain one domain name, while the other domain name would be resolved or abandoned. In fact, for other domain names, if not used, it is very wasteful, but also a pity. At this point, you can completely change the excess domain name via a 301 redirect to a web site. Other domains change to a web site in a variety of ways, but the 301 redirect is the best way to optimize the site, and this is the most friendly directional means for search engines. So, in the multiple domain of a web site situation, the best way is to use a 301 redirect way for other multiple domain names to redirect to a domain name, the domain name so that all can be opened with a website, colleagues also will not be subject to the punishment of the search engine, but it will also bring the weight transfer for website optimization good.

two, the page on the website was deleted:

When the

page content deleted will give users a very good user experience, and feel your website maintenance, no one, no one management, which will let users out of your website, website traffic and image. Delete the page, in addition to affecting the user experience, but also affect the search engine response, will let the search engine on your website skeptical, causing the site to decline, is not conducive to long-term development of the site. The general approach is to be deleted, "use 301 redirect way directed to the content of the web page, let users see the other pages, thus improving the user experience, and the search engine ranking will stabilize, if the spider come to your website to see the 301 redirect, so the spider will not jump directly crawl on this page, so 301 is very useful.

three, 404 dead links on the site:

for the 404 dead links on the site, it is to do SEO website optimization taboo, not only affects the ranking, but also affect the site experience effect, if your site there are a lot of 404 dead, the first impact is the SEO ranking, may also lead to the reduction of the number included etc.. For 4> on the web site

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