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No Baidu days websites grow

has been used to the days of Baidu since he got to the Internet at first. Accustomed to using Baidu every day to query information, using Baidu to understand and learn a lot of knowledge. To start learning website when, because Baidu can bring some visits every day, so every day more attention Baidu, to the website included, understand the rankings. But, I’m just a newbie, I don’t know SEO, and I don’t even know how to do the key words.

last year from a local culture initiation site (Anhui cultural network, www.ahage.net) has spent half the time to collect information, and then the initial on-line test, will soon be Baidu included, and by comparison in many relevant keywords ranking, website also because Baidu’s Pro gaze and relatively fast development. As I said before, I’m not SEO. I don’t do anything about the search engines at all. The websites just rely on a lot of excellent content I’ve collected and collected. I think this is what a good search engine likes.

however, the weather is unpredictable, I do not know why, do not know what time from the beginning, gradually reduce the traffic from Baidu to GOOGLE, and the traffic is increasing, all I can do is to keep every day in the update, continue to add new articles in the website, and this view the point is not to cater to the search engine, but in order to better serve users of the web site provides some new information.

before, Baidu can bring at least 600IP of traffic a day, and now less than 60 a day, but the GOOGLE engine to flow more than this level, and included constantly updated.

wanted to go and ask for help and analyze the reasons, but because the main focus was on content updates and edits (and perhaps many times I was just an editor), I didn’t have time to take care of the rest. But in that case, the traffic continues to grow. But the cultural sites, should be regarded as a popular station, a start when many of my friends advised me not to do, but I just do what you want to do, rather than what to rely on the site to earn, so I insist.

heard some successful Adsense words, many people believe that the website is the need to make money, maybe this is right, maybe I can’t be a qualified webmaster, but I think, I just want to do their own things and love, as to who to included, how many flows perhaps a little less attention. But in the process, I gained a lot, maybe that’s enough……

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