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Small day 100 two rich generation guide to death

[introduction] 100 net (hereinafter referred to as "hundred Bo") was born in January 2011, abolished in April 2013, and since then, as part of the search search hundred, classified as Baidu search platform, no longer operate independently. This is Baidu to invest heavily, is the industry known as the "two rich generation" recruitment website, was once regarded as rival giant invasion, let them guard. However, vigorous operation for more than two years, and do not wait to fight with colleagues, Bai Bo died.

hundred Bo in July 2011 on-line, the parent company Baidu injection of nearly 100 million yuan, in addition to SEM (search engine marketing), Baidu alliance, full flow advertising and other forms of value of about 100 million yuan of promotional resources. In November 2011, Baidu re injected more than 100 million yuan, for product research and development and brand building, which is financial support, it can be described as "food enough."". In talent, Baidu spared no expense from poaching, Zhaopin has 8 years of experience to find the Group Vice President Lee Jean text CEO, the original Liu Pingchuan group CTO recruitment agency, CTO, reportedly, 100, more than half of the employees are from Zhaopin, 51Job, the British only network three recruitment website. This is human’s support, can be described as "strong" and "strong". Under foot, Bing Zhuang, why 100, also do not



"no big tree grows under a big tree."." Mentioned that he worked for more than a year’s hundred Bo, known as "snow meteor" net friend, so I black horse said. As a former hundred primary product manager, "snow meteor" is the first batch of employees, died in the "hundred comments, he conceal his grief and anger," when the company’s strategic direction is wrong, all the responsibility of employees? "The following" snow meteor "on the dark horse of the oral I.

I was at the beginning of 2011 to join the "100, 100" was only about twenty, I started to work as a product manager, responsible for hundreds of primary commercial products, is a commonly used recruitment system. In 2012, the new management to enter 100 Bo, I chose to leave, left because the product strategy and direction and I had joined the company is not the same, but the new management of the value of the pursuit of individual is not the same with me.

(I horse note: it is reported that Baidu invested 100 Bo, is through the establishment of independent companies, let 100, as an independent operation platform, but that is not the case in the management, 100, or by the capital side talking. Founded only one year, by the end of 2011, Bai Bo CTO Liu Pingchuan left. In January 2012, Bai Bo CEO Li Zhenwen left. When Li Zhenwen left office, Han Xiaoming, a member of the management group, became president and was in charge of the company’s overall operations, but the CEO position remained vacant.


hundred talents will not be a miracle,

There are three main reasons for the closure of the

portfolio: product orientation, team management, and investment. The three sides have problems, so they can’t do it at all

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