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Yao Jincheng a small fish from Xiamen Thoughts on the operation of community activities

Thousands of lecture sponsored by the old

Anhui Internet Alliance hosted by K (53w.net) has been to the fifty-seventh period, the period at the station guest is Xiamen fish CEO Yao Jincheng while he was a well-known domain name business operators China CEO. Has a very rich experience of network operators, Xiamen small net now has more than 400 thousand registered members, potential users of xmfish accounted for 85% of Internet users in Xiamen, "the fish on PV was over 3 million 800 thousand, the average daily volume of more than 80 thousand articles posted! In the five years of development, the network has a large fish a member of the group, more strong technical backing, more professional and rich content classification, more mature website operation experience, more highly acclaimed events. The network spirit of "caring, sharing, mutual help and communication" affects the younger generation of Internet users in Xiamen.

congratulations to thousands of lecture membership exceeded 3000, 5 500 people crowd almost full, only a small number of seats to be added, no publicity. There are 3 groups of less than (500 people) interested in adding, group number is: 17581177. The group must enter through the 53w.net registered ID number. This group by the way of public learning, not for any learning costs, but because the group number is limited, there are currently six 500 places in the crowd of the group VIP group only to highlight the performance of the letter to a group of friends to join the group.

join the webmaster lecture YY million people group number: 102807, you can download YY3.0 priority experience

now, you can login http://s.yy.duowan.com registration, belong to your YY account, choose room channel ID:67999 into the webmaster lectures, the voice of the webmaster zone, and many webmaster communicate with each other. Pay attention to http://s.9nei.com


below is the transcript of this lecture:

first introduce myself, I am CEO Yao Jincheng of Xiamen fish, and also the person in charge of the famous domain name registrar and business china. His meager address: Sina http://s.t.sina.com.cn/asicsyao address http://s.t.qq.com/asicsyao address meager meager Tencent’s first contact with the operation of the site is my 06 years of work to do, but there are many white-collar participation. Xiamen fish is my late intervention, at present Xiamen fish as Xiamen most popular local portal community, using the method of mobile phone invitation code plus the operation, you need to join the Xiamen small mobile phone registration, or invitation code to the application for registration. At present, there are 1 million 500 thousand people in Xiamen, a data fish network has covered more than 80% of users, Xiamen small fish network has become a part of life in Xiamen, far-reaching impact.

before talking about today’s topic, let me give you an analysis of the current society

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