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Webmaster how to do promotion in good faith

know the website promotion methods, I see 100 ways that day! But the real you propaganda, publicity in the end how effective? Is there really make your time and effort is not in vain?

I will simply talk about my feelings! Today to talk about the publicity of QQ, we have used the actual method, but I remember I have read an article is very detailed, I feel useful, to share, to be used in good faith to find your potential customers.

1 add some QQ group, of course to your site and theme line, a lot of friends added a lot after the beginning of the wanton advertising information, you have thought that not only you tired, but also easy to let others disgust, but also easy to let T


solution: add to the group after the first and the familiar, and share! You can chat today with several chat group, familiar with after some simple advertising, tomorrow and a few groups, do not immediately go to continue to release, advertising and other information sent to you previously have been familiar with the group today. The new group plus good business

to chat!

2 separate to the group of friends: propaganda already familiar with the group, you can group a good relationship, and then to each group of friends invited to release some information, invite them to our website, if there is a problem I can timely what Q, etc.. Let the group friends feel close to you, don’t come up with spam, sooner or later be reported! If some friends or not registered with the function of the website, we can go to church alone, let you play a certain role to the promotion of


3 the establishment of their own group, can create a few, then add some friends, that we should all know, invite your potential customers, take the initiative to drive up the atmosphere of the group, and group of friends more, then you go to the website to you, there are problems in a timely manner in the group discussion, the active group atmosphere. Let your users more cohesion,


these are the hope webmaster friends, especially the novice webmaster do not worry, do not think the night high flow, do to do every step, and sincerely treat every potential of your users, solve some of the problems in a timely manner to them, believe your future website visits

no problem!

treat others = treat yourself! Original in rookie webmaster forum www.0931w.cn reprint please indicate! Thank you


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