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The nternet has cleaned him out of 30 million of his life

network makes him wash out 30 million of life, because the network, so that his business in just a few years, from the annual sales performance of only tens of thousands of Wanda to tens of millions. Because of the Internet, his business has grown from just a few stores in just a few years to thousands of stores across the country. He doesn’t understand the Internet or technology, but the Internet has made him successful quickly.

now many webmaster complaining about the network to make money when you have no thought of what you do now, you don’t know how to use the network, all now most of the webmaster is to understand the technology do not understand marketing, not to use the network to promote their products and brands.

16 bucks in Changsha

75 years in September, Zeng Yong was born in a poor farmer in Hunan Yiyang, he suffered the hardships of life. With a firm belief in life, with the dream of an ideal city, Zeng Yong with him only 16 yuan over Changsha waded into hard, began his entrepreneurial journey.

everything is difficult at first. When I first arrived in Changsha, Zeng Yong stayed with a classmate who worked in a hotel. During the day he went around looking for work and sleeping on the carpet in the hotel. Many times he refused, and he had to start on the streets again and sell jade to make ends meet. Despite the hardships of life, Zeng Yong never gave up his pursuit. 98 years, Zeng Yong in Changsha Huang Xing road to find a 3000 yuan a month store. He made a deposit with saved money, running around to persuade wholesalers goods on credit, simple decoration, Zeng Yong first crystal jade shop opened.

has a full store, his crystal jade business with an air of importance. But when Zeng Yong, ambition, let go, want to do a big fight, a devastating blow from the sky. It was a night in April 1999, because there is no living in the shop, in addition to his shop a huge jade vine to be stolen, the remaining goods are thieves looted, the direct losses of 20 thousand yuan, has 3 years of arduous pioneering achievements Yong cast to waste. As a warning for the future, he is determined to use his persistent career solely to re ignite the torch. Zeng Yong quickly arranged his thoughts and made use of the remaining funds to open his crystal jade shop again.

this store to a more than 70 year old grandmother, she took out a bracelet from the layers of parcels, the son is to spend more than 700 dollars to buy her filial piety, she was reluctant to wear, to distinguish true Zeng yong. Zeng Yong to see that this is a genuine, but most is worth tens of dollars, but she is like a treasure hidden reluctant to wear. This thing makes him very shocked, completely destroyed his poor and fanatical passion to make money; Zeng Yong also feel very sad, in the development of material civilization and spiritual civilization, people still can not achieve the dream of Yongyu stone. Thus, a spread of jade culture, and become civilians, popular, popular jewelry chain bold vision was born……

chain failures fail to beat the Internet and make him grow rich

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