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The blog into 27 secret 3000P days

has been six months since the creation of the blog Pick the Brain and its first blog post. Now, this blog has 97 articles, 1602 comments, the number of visits every day through 3000IP, RSS subscription number has more than 2200 people, and there are a few blog has become Digg, Del.icio.us, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Netscape and the site of the most popular articles. This is not the best, but I am very pleased with my achievements and I believe that the number of blogs and subscriptions will continue to grow. I am very willing to share with you my experience, but if you write too much detail it will seem prolix, and there is no key, after finishing, I summed up the 27 secret of my blog’s success:

1, I think the most important two points are: A, your article can help others solve the problem. This is your blog, the most powerful force to attract repeat customers. B, make your blog different. There are tens of thousands of blogs online, if your blog does not have its own characteristics, not many words in the blog from the talent shows itself, will be submerged in multitude in the network.

2, don’t always think about blogging to make money. Don’t envy people blogging all the time and how much money you make. Blogging requires your talents, patience and perseverance. Only those who really like writing and have ideas to share will succeed. For the first two or three years, don’t consider using your blog to make money.

3, link the RSS subscription to an eye-catching location, and make it as easy as possible for your readers to subscribe to your blog.

4, let the RSS subscriptions show the full text. Perhaps your website traffic will decrease after doing so, but remember that someone reads your article better than no one reads your article.

5, if you have doubts about an article written by yourself, and don’t know whether it is a good article or not, don’t publish it after a day. If it’s still uncertain, don’t publish it. A poorly written article will challenge your readers: "is this blog so low that it’s worth reading?"

6, prepare your blog for 3-4 months and burn out your inspiration. Keep high quality of the original article, don’t pick up, some unreadable article on your blog. Persistence, persistence, persistence, inspiration is coming.

7, it’s also important to meet people in your circle. A good article will attract more and more repeat visitors to your blog, but at the beginning, you need an organization like "webmaster" to help each other promote blogs. Be bold enough to connect with bloggers like your blog, and you will find that when you share the best articles with them, they are very happy to accept them.


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