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Web site data analysis how to track visitors’ initial sources

understand the operation of the website, understand the user constitute is to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the site is the important foundation, so to see data analysis is the website optimization personnel will do every day. Last week issued a "white paper analysis platform website (webmaster Edition)" this week, Xiao Bian also found a very good practical article "how to track visitors at Google Analytics in the initial source", the author Ma Jun has obtained the GOOGLE Analytics certification IQ site visitor for analysts that platform to reprint this article it will be close to the content of the original English are made of Chinese, combined with the actual situation of the domestic add some very intimate content: how to successfully use Gogle Analytics tools. The following is the text, I hope to give the majority of webmaster to help.


about Google Analytic

Google Analytics is the most widely used web analytics tool in the world. 2/3 of the world’s ten thousand most popular websites are using it (source: Wikipedia). In the Chinese Google Analytic data acquisition although not over the wall, but access to the Google Analytic website is needed. You can access Google Analytic using the Baidu browser that comes with this skill.

understand visitor source

on our website analysis work frequently asked question is "the first time visitors to visit our site is through what way?" perhaps is every webmaster inside some of the "virgin complex", but this is not unreasonable. The first visit is the moment when the user starts to contact your brand and service. At this point, the first impression in his eyes will greatly determine whether you can let him make the second, third and N visits. There are many sources of access, but there are roughly these:

direct access (direct): users directly enter web addresses, favorites, mail clients, mobile app, users click from local links (Excel, QQ chat) and so on.

referral access (referral): users click link access from other sites.

organic search: users access from search engine search results.

ad links (paid, search): users access from SEM promotion.

mail access (email): users access from an online mailbox.

social access (SOCIAL): users access from Sina, micro-blog, Facebook, twitter, social networking.

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