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How to analyze competitors and actively respond to their imitation and follow

imitation and replication have become a big habit in China. In reality, examples of imitation abound; in the Internet, imitation has become an idea. Many webmasters do not dare to innovate, dare to engage in features, they believe that their own innovation and features in a short period of time for others to do dowry. In fact, features and innovations can only be part of a place, and if you can actively cope with these imitations and innovations, then your uniqueness will be yours alone.

now many webmaster mentioned web development is a headache, you waste a lot of manpower and financial resources of the developed site a month after the change to ordinary stuff on the street, and the webmaster for the publicity and promotion of their innovation is also a headache, a waste of time summed up the experience in the promotion was to copy and use in a short period of time, this kind of situation of the Internet too much, but this time more and more owners give up innovation. I think, as long as your site can continue to adhere to innovation, then no one site can surpass you.

We use

hao123 as an example, a simple navigation website almost became the originator of the Internet navigation, from his innovation until now, over the past few years has never reached any website once the hao123 website, also can be seen in a new development has been the core of nature through the phenomenon, the author to share some methods to prevent website by imitation and copy:

one, develop website specific characteristic

The specific characteristics of

website is not the bombastic language but to look impressive but lack real worth, truly in a characteristic, in the Internet world of webmaster A5, behind the forum, the two features, A5 is the main feature of rich resources and high station station hand, forum content rich, and outdated features in the whole the forum is a harmonious atmosphere, can be said that between the two are not able to copy each other, they are on their own hidden features until now. If you want to do a feature, then you have to find ways to integrate their own features into the web site, such as you want to do a local website, then you have to local customs and characteristics into the local web site.

two, empathy, the status quo of

want to let competitors can not go beyond your site so it is very important to learn empathy, empathy is to be constant to change, the user has not thought of content on your website, so not only competitors will be left behind, can give the user a sense of freshness, if you can go to the site several times so much empathy on the website of the popular upgrade is absolutely positive, in front of the importance to learn empathy is to let the website innovation of their competitors always walk in.

three, adhere to characteristics, promote cultural

each website should have its own >

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