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Grassroots Webmaster website site failure thinking

I was a super geek, from the Internet since 1999, has been more than 10 years of age, in the ten years of experience, but also do it yourself several websites, but in the end not a stick, all disappeared, until now I still don’t understand what is the long standing in the end, what to do, how to do? So no target do stand, the final result as can be imagined.

about the station, that she never took the role positioning station is good, is pure curiosity, show off, a decoration, not for money, not by the station to survive, that time is to pass the time, and I like people together, chat, make friends. But now, when I see a lot of unknown websites at that time, I feel that the website can not only be bigger and stronger, but also make a career. Recalling the road that has taken place in the past decade, and combining my experience of doing station, talk about the failure of my website:

1, the wrong direction: choose a site, start selecting a direction, do not lightly change. I’ve done several stations before, and at first I think this kind of website is good, so I pay attention to this direction and do it for a few days, and then go on line. Did not expect a few days later, but also found another project is not bad. And then go to another station. The long run, a person’s energy is limited, as can be imagined, made out of the station in the end how much gold? So at the beginning of the site must choose a good direction, once the positioning must not be modified, work hard, I believe there will be a harvest. Now I set up a "free http://s.mfzj.net" resource type website, on-line more than 4 months, at the beginning of the site a lot of the same type of website, after the selection has not been changed, so far "free house" keywords in Baidu and Google ranked tenth and second respectively.

2, domain name selection: first choose domain name, in order to cheap, buy is.Cn domain name, and later think CN domain name without com/net domain name weight is high, included more slowly, so change to COM domain name. We think before CN domain name search engine has borrowed many web pages, if the domain name change, a short period of time, no matter what the domain name may not be how many search engines, and Baidu and Google included increased audit efforts to railway station, just a few days or a few months may not included tens of thousands of pages.

3, content positioning: at the beginning of the site, for convenience, we will use such as locomotive such a collector to gather a lot of duplication of information, so the search engine to collect your site, the location for the rubbish site, so there is no characteristics of the site to bring a lot of traffic through the search engine is not realistic the. At this time, we have to edit their own content, would rather slow, and would rather take some time, but so out of the station is very professional, at least content makes people feel different.

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