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Feeling the stones across the river have a point of view of the promotion of online shop

has been doing this shop for over three months, and this three months, apart from making templates, has spent most of the time organizing products and hiring two little girls to sort out the product. On the whole, very tired. E-commerce is now very hot speculation, many owners transition to do e-commerce. In fact, not suitable for all webmaster. Because e-commerce is the focus of business, even if the flow of 10000 a day, can not be converted into orders. It doesn’t make sense. And the bottleneck that restricts stationmaster to change electron business affairs is in product channel. For example, my Amoy electronic mall, is to do IT products, mobile phones, notebooks, digital cameras, and so on. Channel is the key, whether it is reality, doing business or doing online is the same, there is no channel, there is no advantage in the price, it can not attract customers.

because before the product did not tidy up, it has not been promoted, recently has been in want to how to promote, also took many detours. Because the regular website promotion method does not apply at all, there are hundreds of IP every day, but there are few orders. I am targeting my clients in Quanzhou.

continuous reflection, I think, instead of wasting time in the chain increases as meaningless, add some more QQ group, to communicate with customers, Shi Yuzhu said, he is not a day for consumption to study thoroughly, a day not comfortable? Seize the consumer is the most important. The chain is important to the rankings, but the site experience is good, ranking natural will go up, there is no need to deliberately SEO. Instead, it can backfire. In this paper, by the www.taow.cc station feeds.

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