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Dialysis ZS controversy event marketing webmaster thinking collision


2013 station "ZS" event raised controversy is one of them, here to stand in a row of forum members as the representative of the owners and to search the forum members on behalf of the owners, a user transaction profit model and SEO optimization argument and thinking collision profit model two mainstream website operating profit model, hundreds of the stationmaster actively and enthusiastically participated in the event marketing queue. Here, anaerobic hundred guest specific to analyze this event marketing, Adsense use those means to event marketing to climax.

1, event marketing should be controversial points, reasonable use of topics, time, event marketing.

There are two major issues of "ZS

" debate event marketing: first, the website is optimized in order to optimize profits; second, to the user experience as the center to optimize profits, and the two party from the view of thinking collision webmaster to profitable website. The webmaster site is simply to own website can get some interest and commission, so how to get the webmaster site revenue is millions of owners of common concern, so the reasonable use of the Internet marketing event two issues take debate mode. Among them, the most important thing is to choose a good time in the 6.28K mode, the station, the station has not yet recovered millions of owners, caused by saying K station is also a lot of reasons, the website content, the user experience is poor, quality of the chain, so "ZS" debate in the reasonable operation with the right situation day, launched a series of marketing mode, this event marketing is crucial in the choice of topics, events, time.

two, the rational use of QQ group marketing, change the topic, a stone arouses thousands of waves.

"ZS" debate has reached hundreds of QQ group marketing group, covering the number of tens of thousands of webmaster, the QQ group marketing diffusion to stand in a row of stationmaster mainly, main object of marketing is before 6.28 QQ group by K station members, the webmaster about the topic of how to optimize network station is nothing more than get ranking and K station the reason, while facing the QQ group marketing topic is "two ZS" in the topic of debate, it saw a water in the heat of the desert, the webmaster desire is how to profit, how to obtain profit rank and station. Therefore, QQ group marketing needs a topic of common concern, in order to better spread the topic, a stone arouses thousands of waves, two fingers pop-up sounds. And so many owners to participate in the debate on the topic, like "spring tide with sea level, sea moon tide scene" came out, because the center of gravity of the webmaster is a generalization of ZS controversy at the same time, the debate points to exposure and key words own exposure station all of us, and tens of thousands of owners of the centripetal force of it, event marketing will no longer difficult.

three, high weight website submission, using the collection station reproduced defects, butterfly effect chain reaction.

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