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nto the 3 era veteran Hujiang network platform facing the test of online education

from the 2001 Shanghai river network predecessor Shanghai Jiang language forest was born, in 2006 the company began operation in 2014, to clear positioning "Internet learning platform". Shanghai network as the online education industry veteran, the development process can be seen as a microcosm of the industry changes.


has been online education on the accumulation of advantage, but Hujiang network is still facing many problems, for example, how the precipitation amount of users, huge enhance user stickiness, guide a step by step to become registered users, subscribers, and sustainable consumption; how to face the traditional education group line layout, and how to face the direct competition BAT. What new changes will there be in the online education field in the 3 era?

from a certain point of view, online education, like O2O, is concept first.

Shanghai river network as the industry veteran, 2001 appear in the language BBS, and gradually developed into a learning portal, in the face of "ceiling" to pay the course after the advertising model, finally in 2014 a clear position do the whole category learning platform, the establishment of an open ecosystem.

it is understood that as has been achieved online education company earnings, currently about 80% Hujiang net source of income is the school and business, the other 20% comes from advertising, future plans to build more high-quality PGC (ProfessionalGeneratedCon-tent, specializing in the production of content resources).

Vice President

Xu Hua said the Shanghai river network, online education belongs to the long period of the project, although the user is slowly formed to buy virtual products on the Internet habits ", the culture period of the market still need 5 years to 10 years.

Analysys International analyst Wang Qiong told the "daily economic news" reporter said that the Shanghai river network has been formed from the user access, information provision, curriculum content sharing, to buy into the new user flow and profit closed loop, but the platform still has a few solutions to "issue", such as: Compared with large business platform Hujiang network business is not dominant in the prices of the products; user stickiness and habits, to pay the registration from the browser, facing the threshold. To create an open platform strategy, the future of the Shanghai river network will be in direct competition with BAT.

‘s platform strategy of content nurturing

Xu Hua said that the Shanghai river network currently experienced a total of three key stages: stage one, from the personal station to the enterprise operation; the two stage, the background of the financial crisis in 2009 following the launch of Shanghai River school, no longer rely entirely on the 2B (for businesses) advertising model, began to explore the 2C (user oriented demand); stage three, Shanghai river network clear the platform strategy in 2014.

accept the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, Wang Qiong said the analysis, development of synchronized Hujiang network development path "and Chinese Internet industry". In 2001, the boom in the foreign language training market led to the popular BB>

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