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2009 the site entered the era of content is king

many webmaster sigh, now do stand more easily, want to rely on to make money for the station is more and more difficult, but this is actually a false proposition! No matter whether do stand webmaster can make money easily, still can make money, otherwise it will not be such a webmaster army go forward with great strength and vigour, the problem is your website is suitable for the needs of the times, is not consistent with a money making website, this time, the website must rely on the unique attractive content to make money.


content is the bridge between the web site and the user!

!What is the bridge between the

website and the user? Someone says it is promotion, in fact, the most important thing is the content of the website.


site will be made after the promotion, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources to promote, can certainly bring some traffic in the business community, everything needs to popularize, the general situation is, who is the marketing done well, is naturally high attention.

but the promotion effect is often determined by the quality of the website, because your promotion methods is good, effective, dead in a blank, ahead of the content in the website, everything is in vain, only let a person gradually lose confidence, one day your site will because you do not have good content and shrinking, ultimately declining.

in addition, when the flow is promoted, two results are produced. First, the user is looking at your website, feel good, really be able to find the information he needs, think you are a professional, conscientious and responsible, the station, then search down to the future to continue to browse, and he will take your website to tell him the people. The second type is that users look at your website, feel very disappointed, any content is deja vu, a few seconds after the withdrawal of the site, so an increase of invalid traffic.

so, in the middle, we see that the key to deciding whether a user is a core user or an invalid traffic is whether your website is professional, responsible, and serious,

Is the content of the

website easiest to do or the hardest to do?

maybe for some owners find web content is easiest, for some webmaster, indeed, every day from the Internet to collect lots of articles, how much do you want I can collect many, this is not the easiest thing to do?

but as a new era of webmaster, do not naive to think that you can build on the acquisition of large website, this will only make you a step toward failure, acquisition of the article you couldn’t see other people’s ideas, nature is not clear positioning and development of your site, and the original is lost, is lost at the same time the user is


so, I would say, it’s the hardest thing to do in the entire process of doing web sites. If your site has many types of content to provide, then you can only provide one aspect of the content at the beginning of the site, such as the Internet

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