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Are you a real station owner

Hi, Hello everyone, I am handsome with the wind, I hope the webmaster friends can communicate together and make progress together.

How much traffic to

your site every day? Do you still update your site every day? How many users to help you change? How many times website program? You are not really a webmaster don’t know if you want?.

my website only a few dozens of traffic every day, search engine also does not update my website every day, is the direction that I choose not right? Should I change a content again?. Wrong, you update daily how many articles? How many articles on your site (day by gathering, others except) through search in the search engine that is not the first time to you? Do not think that their website is bad, poor as long as you have a good chapter in the program will attract people your website, once he comes to second times to third times, well, even if Baidu does not update your website, your traffic is rolling.

up to now, I think my website www.366du.com program is very bad, but I will stick to it, the article original many, I believe there will always be a day, my web site will be the search engine of all ages.

so the real webmaster knows how to attract users

today, your website doesn’t make money. It doesn’t mean you won’t make money tomorrow. For the novice webmaster, today you traffic on dozens, impossible to make too much money, but don’t be discouraged, think about tomorrow, your website has reached 2000IP every day, or even more. 2000IP other ads I do not put, I put the pop-up ads, put 4, 5 pop-up ads, earn fifty or sixty a day, no problem. However, pop-up ads affect the site, as little as possible. Therefore, the real webmaster will not be discouraged, eyes will look forward.

I’m really interested in doing web sites. I didn’t want to make money. There is a saying good, do not want to make money is not a good webmaster webmaster, so the real webmaster is through the site to make money. Do not think you have a web site is the webmaster, including myself, we are standing on the edge of the webmaster. I hope that through this article, the website operators should know themselves clearly and recognize the future.

finally thanks Admin5 website for giving us these people a platform for communication.

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