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Focus on deleting spam from DZ Forums

introduced last year, "once and for all, stop spam on the DZ forums."". Some friends say inconvenient, this is mainly not set, according to the actual situation of the forum set up, it works.

friends with the DZ forum system may know that neither the verification code nor the authentication question can effectively eliminate those pesky spam ads. Since there are always people in the hair, then we have a little hard, delete it! If a delete, in the forum more trouble, here a delete DZ forum spam method, this method is a combination of my station in Golden Triangle 5 million community (www.wbwok.com) of the actual situation.

the first step, set up a new member user group: in the user management which set up new members of the user group, it is recommended to integrate with the forum points. Allow it to send new topics, but turn off the response feature to avoid using replies to advertise, increase the difficulty of management, and in "allow direct posting" inside, set all need to review. It is important to note that other user groups in the forum are set up without the need for auditing.

second step, the forum section sets the audit new topic: in the forum management post’s option, sets the audit new topic. If the forum has a special forum for other people to advertise, there is no need to set up, and only set the forum where the advertisement can not be made.

through the above two steps settings, you can achieve focus delete DZ forum spam.

advertising, the use of most advertising machine for registration and publication, this new registration, as we set up "new members of the user group, if the new registered members posting, each login forum background, will see a" pending new theme "prompt, click on it, you can see a list of these posts, check what is spam and delete it.


did not pass the audit of the post, will not be displayed in the forum, even if there are no more advertising posts, it will not affect the other members of the mood, can give the other members better user experience". After this treatment, those who advertise, only white busy, and nothing can be obtained,


Golden Triangle 5 million community warns those spam ads, wake up, why waste everyone’s time!


article source: http://s.wbwok.com/thread-10192-1-1.html

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