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Do not leave the web site do not give up until success

contacts the Internet or when you first go to college?. Born in the countryside, I was illiterate before high school. I remember that when I was a freshman, I first took computer lessons. The teacher asked, "I can raise my hand when typing."." Few people raised it. And I’m in it, too. Later fell in love with the Internet, the network is so obsessed, but three years of University waste, and did not learn anything. I know the pressure of employment after graduation, finally found a website maintenance work, but the development of the company is not good, now also resigned, busy days their first site finally online www.shise365.com wished success ah. Ma Yun said a word, 100 individual entrepreneurs, 95 of them do not know even how to die, not to hear the sound into a cliff, there are 4 people you heard a scream, he fell; one may not know why alive, but also do not know tomorrow also live.

but is there a shortcut to success? Everyone wants to get something for nothing. He dreams of becoming a millionaire five million or one night. These ideas exist in every person’s mind, but are unrealistic. If you want to succeed, you must pay. Isn’t that what the lyrics say? Nobody can casually succeed. As a webmaster, there is no shortcut, the site to long-term development, it is necessary to do it down, can not be opportunistic. For SEO, SEO can only make websites go to ruin. We have to jump out of SEO. You can’t do it just for traffic.

a long time ago, there was a man in Thailand who wanted to be a rich man. He felt that the shortest way to be rich is to learn the art of alchemy. Since then, he has spent all his time, money and experience in alchemy experiments. Soon after, he spent all his savings, and his family became poor and had no food to eat. The wife was helpless and ran to her father to complain. His father decided to help his son out of bad habits. He let Naihasong come to meet, and he said: "I have mastered the technique, but it is lack of the same gold things…

tell me what is missing? "Asked Naihasong urgently.

"well, then, I can let you know the secret. I need three kilos of white hairs from the banana leaves. These hairs must be your own. It’s on the banana tree. I’ll tell you the way to alchemy when you have your fluff.

Naiha sent home immediately after the deserted fields for many years on the banana. In order to gather up his hair as soon as possible, he planted a lot of wasteland besides the kind he had previously owned, his own fields. When the banana is ripe, he carefully strips the white hairs from each banana leaf. His wife and children carry a bunch of bananas to the market. So for the past ten years Naihasong finally collected enough three kilograms of villi. One day, he took a look of excitement down father came home to the father for alchemy skill. Father in law pointed to the book in the hospital

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