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Guest how to set up a red transparent information platform

a few days ago wrote "a lady’s man" the message friends said, I have to do matchmaker potential, ha ha, today was a guest matchmaker. Discuss with colleagues to Christmas is coming soon, a single colleague said, looking for a single man on Christmas, so A5 had "Christmas approaching, A5 beauty Albert to find a single man, at Christmas, intends to contact Q" this post. The webmaster concerned about a lot of replies, but not really contact.

often a webmaster friend in the dream River blog message told me, no girlfriend, let me introduce a beautiful woman, there are some female friends around, character is good in every way, but still single. Many a boy looking for a girlfriend, there are a lot of girls looking for a boyfriend, but it does not butt, so many people to continue searching. In recent years, many dating websites emerged, but also because of increased demand, but now network world and there are a lot of emptiness, evil, so many people online dating is still relatively cautious. If you have friends matchmaking, appropriate guest under the matchmaker, the needs of both sides to transfer, but also good.

The opacity and misalignment of

information is not only reflected in the making of friends, but also presents many similar problems in many places. In the A5 forum program source code section, many procedures buy paste nobody cares; in the website trading section, many buy website’s information has not received the attention…… Think about your side is not a lot of similar demand information being ignored? Remember when playing checkers, I always consider starting from the destination to the point, first want to move next to go, and then from their own checkers to find suitable square pieces, starting from the destination to the point. This is my skills to play checkers.

many friends often consider where to start and where to choose. In fact, as long as you are good at observing life, it is a good way to go back to the starting point from the need. First investigate the market demand, and then consider which industry to choose, so that more targeted, do not worry about no market and users. A lot of dating websites are born under similar market demand, and there is a "hot line" of "you are the one" variety show for a while. However, there are still some disadvantages in making friends and making friends on the Internet. For example, the information is not true, the geographical problems and other factors also have some restrictions. If the local community website increases the dating section, organizes the user Member line gathering activity, the information and the region question can be solved, because has the face-to-face exchange and the experience. Of course, the demand for making friends is only one aspect. Remember where there is a need, there is a market. Many people began to do Taobao, I do not know what product to choose, through inquiries for a period of time selling products, to determine their own direction, after all, the user is the key.

from the end to the starting point of thinking, can be a good way, more direct and clear, but also avoid detours, to see the needs of the side, recorded, and then looking for actionable steps. Just like current web >

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