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How do build 27 thousand traffic within 10 days

analysis of the experience of the many master, each introduced a variety of methods to obtain the traffic fast, I also tried a method, finally the success of the new blog I built 20 thousand and 7 of the traffic in 10 days, finally summarized in the following:

1. is the largest source of traffic is " Baidu know, I believe we all know that " " Baidu know " in the Baidu search results accounted for a large weight, I want to remind friends, in Baidu know " " time to promote your website must have enough the vest, and to replace IP in time remember when propaganda, avoid Baidu K your site, vest small, K station is big problem. It must know.

2., followed by the source of traffic is " Baidu stick " publicity methods ibid.. this does not specify.

3., in addition to Baidu, the remaining traffic from some of the flow of the exchange of the union, of course, if your station traffic is small, by the alliance is limited,.

of course there are some other traffic sources, not excessive is very small, I not to mention here. Now a repeat from " Baidu know " flow method (similar to Post Bar propaganda):

first you have to have enough vest, as mentioned above. And then go to the top list of Baidu (top.baidu.com), mainly focus on " today the fastest rise in " and " ", a hot week; some articles where the hottest copy to your website, it is best for a little modification (Wei Yuanchuang) then, a vest to go " Baidu know " there’s question, the key words in the question must include you to send a website article keywords, and then switch IP (if you are a AD dial it off the line to clean up the cache, then networking, switching method such IP switch, the other way Internet friends will go to search your network.), and then another vest to answer this question, answer the question and then after the vest to deal with the problem (of course is named best friends), OK. watch it here to remind the flow, Is not to say that a problem every hair has to be so complicated operation, you can ask a few (less than 10), then change the name to answer, but only a short time each vest in the same IP in the answer 3 questions. Many could not. Then we must for the IP vest. As a result of answering these questions is not to rush to deal with the problem, at least to have several dianbei answers by lining it, or a few hours after the treatment. So Baidu have no way to get you. Ha ha. Attracted tens of thousands of traffic in 10 days, my blog is by this method, the Post Bar propaganda, similar, good luck.


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