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4 critical data for the B2C web site

B2C is very hot, 09 years will be more fire, do not believe you look at the recent emergence of large and small B2C web site, thanks to ECSHOP and shopex. The B2C site is easy to build and not easy to operate: 4 big data determine the value of B2C sites.

one, website conversion rate. The site conversion rate is volume / site access. The electronic commerce website industry the highest conversion rate should be the first Taobao store "lemon Green Tea", 20 thousand people visit every day, every day brings 1000 orders, conversion rate of up to 5%, should be the highest conversion rate of digital China e-commerce. The average level of e-commerce websites in China is 1%.

website conversion rate and the following factors are particularly related: industry, web page design, web site function design, customer service, website credibility (certificate, background), payment. The industry, such as the conversion rate of the apparel industry than building materials decoration industry is high, but the average turnover of small. Web pages and functional design are primarily usability, user experience aspects. Website credibility, such as proxy certificate signing and suppliers, such as Shaobao nets, such as Alipay’s contract sign.

from the shopping cart to the actual transaction conversion ratio is 10%, the highest 30% such as dangdang.com, shopping nets and show the network is 20%, the industry level is generally 10%. if the data you have reached this standard, proof of your site in the shopping process must exist defects.

site conversion, rather than IP and PV, is one of the key data on the B2C site.

second, repeat purchase rate. 2 times and more than 2 times the purchase number, /1 times the number of repeat purchase rate, that is, the traditional rate of return. Like offline stores, a good B2C site should have the ability to attract users two times and more than two purchases. The average level of the e-commerce industry is 50%, and good B2C is said to reach more than 90%, such as "red children" and "Dangdang". The benefits of repeat purchase rate are obvious, first of all, repeat users buy orders easily, efficient, low cost, and two is the power of word-of-mouth marketing hidden behind the repeated purchase of users. Many B2C sites are busy developing new users, ignoring older users.

third, order average amount. Taobao’s average amount of orders is 80 yuan, positioning high-end market catwalk network is 500 yuan, can be called China’s B2C website orders, the average amount of the first. The average amount of orders is directly related to the level of social consumption and the maturity of e-commerce development. Simple question: do people dare to buy such expensive things on the web? For example, the amount is over several hundred dollars. So, Taobao’s 80 yuan is a very good data, indicating that China’s B2C site is currently the best selling should be this price of goods.

fourth, active users. Just as IP does not have any real meaning for B2C sites, the number of registered users on the web does not make any sense to the B2C web site. A registered user >

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