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ndustry website new idea technical station can also make industry station

has been on the Admin5 saw a lot of industry websites, a variety of, are done in a certain industry. I am a programmer, other industries are not familiar with, not to mention the source of information, so I can not expect to do the industry station.

suddenly thought yesterday, technology is also an industry, why can’t I do the technology industry? Because I’m a php programmer, I want to be familiar with PHP, so I plan to be a PHP industry station. The PHP site has a lot, such as: PHPChina, phpx, phpeye etc. comparison on the scale of the station, above the master gathered, I do a beyond count, this station, obviously, is not wise, I am a tangshanee, for nearly 2 years, PHP in China is very popular, but Beijing are concentrated in a limited number of these big city, most provinces still belong to the nascent state, this is not groundless. Take us to Tangshan, the peer, ASP, asp.net, PHP very much, but, as far as I know, only 2, 3 only, this is the employer, PHP programmers, and even less, there are levels of PHP programmers have to go to Beijing. I myself is because I can’t find the right company, in the local helpless, went to Beijing mobile phone home for a few months, I participated in a local PHP company to interview a few days ago, appeared as a technical interviewer, interview a few PHP programmers, of course, can not be said to be a php programmer that can only be said to be a programmer, because 10 people at most 2 slightly learned some PHP, the other is ASP or. Net, occasionally there is a Java, there is no way, we have to retreat and secondly, to recruit some other language development experience of people, and then trained their own. Through the above said, it can be seen that the provinces and cities PHP talents are scarce, and now PHP in all provinces and cities are in a nascent state, but there are still many companies need talent.

mind, I began yesterday, the opening of the Hebei PHP community portal, dedicated to the city gathered in Hebei for PHP unit and the php programmer, the employer qualified talents, to find a satisfying job in the local development of programmers.

is very narrow, just a narrow version of the recruitment network, but this is not just a recruitment site, more is to promote the development of PHP, so that more people know php.

Maybe someone will comment below

, this is not you industry website, can only be regarded as a technical exchange website, but in my opinion, this is an industry website, according to the PHP industry website a class.

not much good to say, finally no exception of the ad, the station has just opened, also need to be included in Baidu Admin5, so in this treasure to borrow a place, I hope you edit mercy, be passed.

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