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An article that makes you a senior nternet operator

Internet operators of non internet industry, is a job with no reality whatever. Even for the Internet industry, there are a considerable number of people who do not fully understand the operation.

combines large coffee and their own operating experience, the president of the Internet operation of a systematic summary of the work done, and from the practical point of view to elaborate, and strive for everyone to bring, you can learn from.

note that the president’s operation here refers to large operations, that is, a platform, in addition to the full operation of technology development. Well, let’s get down to business.

one, Internet operation framework

asks a question, a website, or an application (instead of using the term "platform"), assuming that it has been developed and is now running. What are the things to do,


first, let people know your platform, and then attract them to your platform, right?.

second, a lot of people come to your platform, can not let them come, a glance away, you want to keep these people, become your users, right?.

third, registered as a user, this is certainly not the ultimate goal, you still need them to spend, or consume your product, or consume your service, right?.

fourth, spending once is not enough. You need them to keep spending, so you can get a lot of money, right?.

well, the Internet operation framework is coming out.

the first one is new, the second is retained, the third is conversion, and the fourth is active. As shown.


Internet operation team, the thing to do is the four modules, and then according to the characteristics of each module, design different jobs and job content, the goal of each module can be achieved.

two, the first operation of Internet operation — drainage

means drainage, which is to make your potential users know you by all means and let them take the initiative to your platform by displaying attractive content.

well, now this work is divided into two drainage block key content, namely the first let your information appear in front of users, second, planning an attractive display of information, so that they have the power to find you. This should be emphasized, and this is the core part of the drainage work, but most of the people who do it tend to ignore it.

how to get your information appears in front of the user? Too many ways, we are very familiar with, television, radio, newspapers and magazines, websites, Metro Office, social media, all kinds of mobile applications, a variety of lines and places……

There are too many channels for

. Only one point, channel selection, no unification

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