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Six months webmaster my detours summary

January 1st 08 line, and now about half a year. During the walk a lot of detours, directly wasted a lot of time and energy, and now sum up these twists and turns, and I hope to give the station or the desire to be a friend of the webmaster when a reminder.

1, consider good topics and keywords. Believe that the webmaster hard to make a stand, is nothing but want to make money, but if you want to choose a cold competition low subject and keywords, then you should probably first think of a good profit model, and this model is suitable for their own profit. For example, some owners like to sit back and accept advertising fees, rather hard to do content promotion; some webmaster do not like all day long buried to find hot keywords, would rather do an industry station, and then to pull advertisers.

As for the

keyword, such as Yeah of my life in Guangzhou (www.yeah020.com) although few words, Guangzhou Guangzhou to have fun, do it, but very popular, one day less than ten IP inflows, a little effect didn’t have a little regret, is a beginning not considered good results.

2, in the layout of the site, it is necessary to plan the ad position, and it is better to standard. My station is a period of time after, began to consider advertising, although started with a good advertising, but not the standard size, wait to apply for alimama and Google Advertising, found that advertising dimensions are not consistent, not a format just to put up, and had to turn back to adjust the layout.

3, after the site is ready, do not rush to collect, you can put dozens of original. The site has just been on the line, collected hundreds of data, and later, Baidu has not included, and finally I delete all. Sureness oneself handicraft, then just slowly add.

4, after the line, changed several times title, the effect is quite serious. I don’t know if it’s for this reason. Baidu doesn’t take my home page for a long time.


is the best in the website is not too much, in other words, when the website looks pure to apply for the record, more easily through the.

6, select a stable server, this is critical, needless to say.

thought for a moment that this was all, and then thought of adding.

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