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Open the era of instant messaging civilians

a few days ago, wood has been in the Admin5 published several articles, focusing on instant messaging civilian road reaction is not great, do not know is not too much Admin5 soft wood, the initial idea was regarded as soft, this is not the wood. Wood, wood is a down-to-earth person, with plain text to popularize knowledge, and share some of their views and ideas, hoping to give the grassroots webmaster find a way out.

this article mainly want to share a little bit of my thoughts and you personally feel that how to achieve instant communication of dawn. The first two articles have introduced some ideas of wood, see Admin5 "Instant Messaging Market smoke, jabber standard" and "challenge Chinese spoiler QQ carve up the instant messaging market".

My initial plan is developed by JABBER

, a popular instant messaging software, can achieve all the features available in the market of instant messaging software, including text chat, video chat, voice chat, group and so on, in addition to the opening of a universal interface on the basis of this, through several basic interface the parameters, a little program based friends can achieve personalized development of their use of these interfaces, such as your gaming platform with instant messaging software, you need to stop literature timely communication software support, you can also use some simple parameters on your station, will be able to achieve interconnection. Very simple, just like the popular CMS, BBS system, API provided, webmaster friend as long as slightly modify part of the function, you can achieve your desired function. Oh, the wood that it seems very simple, but the operation is more difficult, in the presence of the instant messaging software, first you must have a point based procedure, then you also need instant messaging server, the two is the instant communication of civilian obstacles, wood think these are not problems, specific solutions are as follows.

to solve the first problem, the wooden feel now stationmaster basically is to know HTM, ASP, PHP, as long as the general interface using this language as the norm rather than the YISHION language such as C, c++, Java and other owners are not familiar language as the interface specification, I believe most Adsense program based on this a solution to operate and it should not be a problem, relatively speaking, second problems are true, as we all know, rely on the instant messaging server group is very large, large amount of information on Web site or enterprise especially, there is no secure instant messaging server security, to achieve all the features are with no reality whatever, how to solve this problem, it is simple, so the concept of virtual host now everyone can achieve so for having heard it many times, i.e. Virtual host communication server, a low price, sold to a friend in need, the wood like im civilians, all aspects of business opportunities emerge in an endless stream of instant messaging server, such as virtual host, >

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