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Webmaster navigation how do you win the heart of the webmaster

in early April 2010, I gave a well-known webmaster navigation station sent a letter in about 600 words of the proposal, when second days after the four words "thank you", there will be no further progress; the webmaster navigation station still does not have any change! Maybe is the webmaster busy, perhaps is the webmaster I do not care about it; but for me, I am scared: because I took the time to observe, to think, to write out the


text: from April of this year to now, Baidu’s webmaster navigation from the original several evolved into dozens; and in this dozens of home, the real show their own personality, but not a few,

1. user experience, how much do you get?


user experience, this is not an empty talk, but need to do with the action! SEO or PR also, can replace the user experience, because users do not care about your Baidu included PR how many, how high! (Hao123 users asked and it included PR


, if I’m ranked, the first is the user experience – if your user experience is very bad, then even if you’re ranked first in search engines, users won’t visit second times;

2. where does your website focus,


said that if each classification is the key, so that there is no point! According to my observation, the basic station navigation station seems a mold carved out! Do not use the 114La system, but can not distinguish between similar to


3. what is your website’s feature,


if the navigation station is most unlikely to build the site, it is because the location determined navigation navigation industry belongs to the webmaster!? where is your specialty? If your site has 80% contents with Hao123265 such as navigation station, then you don’t have the name because Moumou webmaster navigation! You can’t cheat to offer you a webmaster, at most IP;

4. what is your website standard,


what is the standard? The standard here refers to your website type, location, user group positioning, site collection standards,

Take the

type of site positioning for example: A webmaster navigation is in service station, B station navigation for PR, C webmaster navigation is to make traffic, then the 3 navigation station standard Tianrang points! So, you develop the purpose of the site depends on your website


in the field of station navigation, I found that there were several stations with almost identical contents — even the wrong ones! (can the navigation station be collected? It seems I’m Out!)

5. user advice, do you really seriously think about it,


I’m not a stingy person. It’s not because my advice isn’t accepted, but it’s a website that never grows apart

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