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Tang Zhenyang talking about the operation of local websites three long term profit model


local portal net profit model with merchant fee, discount Merchants Association membership card sales, page advertising, advertising alliance income, VIP membership fees, channel Title income, these forms we all know that we should adopt what kind of profit model of


personally think that the local website is mainly divided into two kinds of profit, one is local merchants shop promotion, and the other is the network alliance advertising promotion. Now the local people website industry of the two kinds of profit model are disputed, in the end what kind of profit model? In fact, what is not an absolute answer, the two profit way has a length at the. We want to long-term and reasonable development of the station, we must use these two flexible means of profit, that is, to what period of the website to use what kind of profit model.

below, according to my experience, a brief description of the specific approach:

website preliminary: there are many places, the site’s personal Adsense in the site has not been promoted, even just promoted a few days, first go out to find local businesses pull business, ask why they do so. Their answer is simple, a little advertising on the site does not make people feel that popularity is not strong, and I want to live, must pull advertising.

In fact,

is not correct, of course we want to live on this is, because we consider also earn the money will impact on the future to make money at the same time, the truth of local site pull local business is still relatively good pull, but local businesses have the biggest characteristics is that once the advertising is must be intuitive to see the benefits, if one can not see, that he did not consider the future in your advertising. Therefore, the local site pre click rate and visibility did not reach a certain extent, it is best not to pull the local businesses. Then we have to live, what should we do,


is very simple, do not do local, can do online advertising alliance business ah. The Internet resources are unlimited, the same advertising business is also there are, what kind of hits what kind of advertisement price, so if not within a short period of time to bring them benefits no matter ah, because the network advertisement is such, can not do today tomorrow there is a benefit. So down, in the early days of website operation, rely on these online advertising earnings, at least every month of smoke money and space money can come out!


site development in late: when the content of the website and in the local visibility and click rate reached a certain height, we have to consider the development of local business this time, because the local site or in the place after all, we have users from the local nature, our customers also have to cover the local, in order to where the function of the website to maximize the effect. At the same time, do local business can also give individual webmaster through this make many local friends, this benefit I don’t say more, in a word, friends more good way to go.

final sentence, the local website must follow the place. Local webmaster must not sit in the beginning of the website every day

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