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Students in school talk about network experiences in recent years Continued

a year ago, I wrote a story about a college student and his own network. A person who met several times with a network, a person without perseverance. What kind of person did he become after his experience?

03 years begin to contact the construction site, at that time only remember his childish mind. Sophomore year, a chance to let me contact Zibo station home free space. When the mind only supports html. for free 20MB. see the station they did very well. Because it is so a few friends, so he also built a website. Then what is not. Every day after school. After a few months, he bought the ASP space from easecredit technology, learned from a friend that the network has a lot of good ASP procedures, such as network forum. The space 100MB II the connection rate is 80. and the price is not cheap at that time. Remember myself a f126 registered domain name (expired). In fact, we need to pay attention to many webmaster psychology, I feel their weaknesses are summarized as follows:


1: do stand, have perseverance, choose good, which aspects should adhere to.


2: makes a difference for the same type of station,.

3: considers the right environment, the right people,.

anyway, I think the station should pay attention to is perseverance. Because I missed a lot of chances, then began the development of legendary record, see a lot of people began to engage in the PW Publishing Forum, I was f126 in the site of the home, and made a PW propaganda forum is indeed. Let me return. For a PW propaganda Topstrong. Thus we get a little money. Time waits for no one, because their mentality and environmental problems, we must give up. At that time the heart is a mess, see a lot of all kinds of station, I want to do. I want to try and closed the school go to school. The website gave up.

successfully admitted to the University, in the university is the dream of paradise. A lot of spare time. I contacted the construction of private game. At that time in a community to find a person to cooperate with you to open the game. So, I, other funds began to engage in private network game, let me make won the first sum of money. I think the network website, should not be strange to the private game server. A few months back, alone a server. They change from the northeast side took 2 servers, feel very lucky, operating more than 2 months, earn more than 20 thousand dollars. Tired. In the face of those out of order word game player all day. I really want to do.

the following things more silly, I actually want to do the game download station, then apply the uc250 domain name. I do look too simple, chose Beijing Yizhuang server one. (up to now oneself very silly). The download station made up, then remember yourself in the compressed file, the copyright and the inside. Tired, but tired.

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