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The significance of website maintenance

network according to our investigation, the current domestic enterprises, 80% of enterprises have their own enterprise website, but this one has 40% sites since the establishment of investigation into the day without renewal, a long time from 2 years to 3 months; and can keep updated regularly (at least once a month) website less than 10%, this is a scary figure, enough to warn us that there are 80% stations dead in the Internet (and exist in the network, without any value),

currently enterprise website maintenance is to ensure that the operation of the site, but this is not enough, the site maintenance include the following aspects: site security, website promotion, website optimization, website update four aspects.

so let’s now focus on these four categories:

site security

after the market investigation, at present there is a great security risk to 50% websites, perhaps these enterprises do not know their website has been exploited by hackers, because hacking sites, are commonly used in the commercial value, mainly in: black chain, flow and other aspects, so no professional maintenance of website is not aware of so, is easy to cause the site to be search engine K station, right down, resulting in huge losses, the company’s business in the Internet is not a huge problem of promotion.

website promotion

website promotion may each enterprise all know, this is the effective way of Internet resources is directly converted into money, but also the achievements of the Internet brand will follow the road, but some enterprises set up the promotion department in less than 3 months have been removed, because can not see the actual efficiency, because does not have enough resources on the Internet it is very difficult, promotion, promotion is a long process, because we must survive in the Baidu platform above, only with enough resources to maximize the utilization of resources.

website optimization

Website Optimization: I believe we all know the great role and value of this, which is no advertising can not achieve the effect,

1, customer quality, through Baidu search customer intention is very large, the probability of turnover is also very large.

2, high credibility, Baidu’s pre corporate website, often gives a very trusted evaluation, that the company’s reputation is very large. This will increase customer confidence in the enterprise, and the success rate will be greatly increased.

3, low cost, only need a certain amount of keywords ranking can achieve very good results, but also don’t want to do Baidu promotion to peer malicious clicks, it is a kind of advertising model is very good, but must insist on long-term site optimization. Many companies can’t do big things.

site update

current Internet Statistics, nearly 40% of the site is not any more

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