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The importance of website analysis to SEO at this stage

Now a lot of SEOER

in addition to SEOER when the customer or the company has started task analysis website, the rest of the time is always the most basic one set: URL, link structure, keyword layout, title, content, the chain as a treasure, so that a lot of SEOER on the overall advantages and the chain structure of different sites the bachibuzhu. What is the reason? But I have to say the site analysis of SEOER is too "internal strength" means "in practice, can be described as actual data are all in front of the blank", Seoer is to become a real wizard can only analysis website all the details can Practice makes perfect., let the bamboo in the chest, xinshounianlai strategy. In brief, even if puts aside the very tedious statement, the analysis website also has the two big characteristics which we must pay attention to:

1, website analysis can increase their sensitivity to site diagnosis and strategy layout of the skilled

fact should know you, Baidu encyclopedia, classification of information, news, forum, blog, question and answer even in evaluating principles we often do business station are not the same, as long as we take the time to observe these can be seen from the data contents and speed: Wikipedia content to professional, true; the pursuit of fast news content…… The length of the layout, sometimes can not explain what, all depends on the situation, so different site layout and link ZhengZhan framework, good content ratings have access, in the face of these conditions can only analyze the website how to do?. Different types of Web sites meet the needs of users in different ways, Baidu must be bound by different rules, change to do, we also understand, but a few people realized that


in high traffic sites, we often mention playing SEO playing ideas, where the idea? Can not out of ideas, and then cattle authors have read many books to do knowledge, we also need to constantly improve their ability to analyze site. When to see a multi site, the site number is also know that some things start too easy, only a little change on OK, master all have a feeling of their familiar things, when you see the website all is exposed in front of you, where there is a problem only for collision little


2, understand the latest trends of Baidu algorithm

I found that many of our people, especially beginners know that one or 10 years ago, a set of methods, now Baidu update algorithm, and a lot of SEOER continue to be right down out of the gray recovery is also so a large part of the reason behind the times, fell into the trap, now too many Baidu the movement, many people say is the problem of Baidu in. Disapproval:

believes that people who know computer language and algorithms know that anything that is intelligent depends on the rules set by human simulation. Is the Baidu engineer crazy or does the search engine go crazy,


, there’s one more point

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