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Summary novice webmaster do stand easily appear a few problems

unconsciously, the site has been two or three years, although the time seems longer, but did not make what kind of comparison, get a hand of the site. There are reasons for the work, but also because of their laziness. But contact website three years time from rookie to become old rookie, encountered many things, see things, summarize some problems from all his old rookie novice rookie to meet, we hope to help.

first: website domain name.

the domain name of a website is very important to a website, this is self-evident. But now the good domain names are basically registered by others, but not by our grassroots. Of course, you can spend money to sell the domain name, but I think we should combine their own economic situation and do the site, do not really need to buy domain name. Before you do your website, you need to analyze, what is the main source of traffic on your site? Search engine or other promotion channels? Do you have a high or low rate of visitors?. If your website traffic is mainly from the search engine, a kind of website visitors back rate of relatively low, individuals feel the importance of the domain name is relatively low, so there is no need to buy what good domain name.

second: website space

new Adsense, do web site, general use is the virtual host, here strongly suggest not to use free space, as far as the reasons are clear, here will not say. To pay attention to the point is the size of the site space, if your site is not a collection station and picture station, the general 500M space will be enough, there is no need to spend money to buy a large, it is wasted. Think about how many words in 10M’s novel, you know. Space should pay attention to stability, generally the best choice of domestic double line space, take care of the speed of access netcom.

third: site template


site template is a problem for many beginners, who are very fond of very beautiful templates. The template has a blemish, are willing to spend a lot of time to modify, certainly not to say that this is not good, but I think with what types of Web sites, as described above, your site if the main source of traffic is a search engine and website return rate is relatively low, there is no need to work in the above template, template selection depends on the template advertising position, instead of watching the beautiful degree of template.

because I heard several friends said his website IP has tens of thousands, but the advertising revenue is very low, the reason lies in the advertisement position above, because now the Internet users recognition of Internet advertising is more and more high, due to the result of the current induced on Internet users rarely take the initiative to click on ads, so when the selected template we should pay attention to the advertising position, because we do not stand is the interest, but also to make money.

fourth: advertising alliance


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