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Tang Shijun how should webmaster give full play to the signature of A5 forum

has been linked in A5 on AD station is a very tough question for me, some stationmaster at dead of night don’t sleep, sending bulk links, forcing me no way, deducted 100 points, delete all posts with a link, and even titles. The individual is treated to the webmaster friends, I am not convinced, determined not to admit the link, pretending to me, I suggest that confused webmaster, there is no need to pretend, pretend not to waste our feelings waste our time, there are many posts need to deal with my every day, and no time you dwell on it. I also know that the webmaster to send the chain is purely in order to increase the weight of your own website, as long as you explain, admit AD, and promise to AD, I will help you to release soon, points can also recover part of the webmaster is very small, webmaster friends, small error it can be forgiven.

to err is human, rectifies the hell. Webmaster friends if you are possessed by the title, I suggest you find the reasons from their own, is not really AD, is not malicious batch, is not the illegal post, when the moderator in the post processing, the system will cause to your account. If you really do not understand, not convinced, you can contact the handle of the post moderator, communicate, explain the situation, I believe the moderator will understand you. Webmaster, every day will deal with a lot of posts, may appear processing error, believe you contact webmaster communication, misunderstanding will solve. To solve the problem, you insult, frame, abuse, assault, if so, the problem is not solved. Stationmaster group is very small, we are friends.

A5 why in some Adsense talk, love the link? Nothing more than, is to increase the site outside the chain to improve the site weight increase site traffic. In fact, A5 signature has this effect, why in the A5 on the link? If your post is included, signature will certainly be included, increase the chain effect is the same, the owners will ask me, I want to increase the flow, the hair of the chain can increase the flow, but also has the signature this effect, as long as your post has the meaning of value, then the signature key keywords rent plus links, will also attract webmaster eye. If you ask, I can only say that the link violation, the signature is not illegal.

webmaster, if you really want to send a link, then you’re original. Original, what is the original? Only personally creation, and on the Internet, more than 300 words, the other owners have value, A5 talk is allowed to place a link at the end of this post. Webmaster, 300 words of the original is not very easy to write? Suggest webmaster, every day can write original, for a long time, you’ll be great soft expert, A5 A5 has organized the original support, cash essay activities, is to stimulate the enthusiasm of original. Webmaster, if you really want to link on the A5 talk, so from now on, you have the originality of it. Believe in yourself, you can also be original.

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