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Big Dong roast duck do not believe the nternet earn 3 million per day

Dong Roasted Duck to Roasted Duck and sea cucumber as housekeeping food brands, online and offline between pouring out of their own road: Dong Roasted Duck never do hard wide, but very concerned about the user’s reputation, never believe the Internet, but the courage to accept new things. At present, he has more than 3 million days in a single day. Let’s see how he does it. This article is for the interview with the roast duck in Guangdong Province:

"has a strong interest in any new product"

"from the leader of an enterprise which is concerned, must learn to go with the Internet business!" this is the chairman the extremely elegant and valuable in an interview in a word, in his opinion for the majority of traditional enterprises, leaders decided too much, if you don’t have access to the Internet, the following who knows what else can? After all, in the traditional enterprises, leaders have too much absolute right.

"I play the Internet, I surf the Internet, more than some of our 30 year old managers play better, this thing is not read, can not see the problem, but the problem of living."". During the interview, I remember this sentence vividly.

although the big Dong has not done too many advertisements in the website, but the public comment is an exception. For public comment on this type of public catering platform, Da Dong very seriously, and maintain a high degree of attention, is the core of Da Dong attached great importance to its own development, public comment from every comment information will eventually become important factors of Dong modified dishes. And this also opened his marriage with the internet.

The trend of the Internet in the whole social catering

", even the traditional brand catering enterprises, the use of some modern Internet functions on the affirmation of your sales or build your brand, or brand publicity is good. He should say that it is advantageous, at least advantageous." Dong is also using the Internet to do some targeted publicity.

for the current Internet products, Dong Dong more emphasis on whether it can really close to businesses, for the sake of businesses. Public comment on the recent introduction of merchants and other products will pay more attention to the use of business experience, businesses can manage the background through self-help pages facing the background. After the new system is improved, the business can self manage the page, picture and information, and further improve the user’s interaction with the user in the public comment. Dong believes that such a page is the real business needs, and as a business leader, first of all have to learn to use their own, or else good things can not use good results.

, "the core of the Internet is still the value of the dishes themselves,"

whether in the Internet to see the user’s comment information, or in the shop to ask the guests directly about the dishes evaluation, is the big Dong for the quality of the food itself pursuit of the embodiment. Today, the grand dining position is still the core of the delicious dishes come. So, how does it manage to control the delicacy of the dishes?


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