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Direction is more important than hard work webmaster friend are you in the right direction

with the personal webmaster threshold lower, more and more people do stand from simple personal hobbies slowly change, in order to make a living means. Personal webmaster like a boat in the sea, the lack of necessary funds and manpower on the road ahead. A lot of friends or even live frugally savings down living expenses to maintain the site’s daily expenses.

any industry, after all, is a small number of success. The reason for the failure is not to adhere to and some helpless non subjective factors (such as server hard disk damage, data loss, space providers closing down, etc.). More importantly, the reason is: before the website construction, we always have a goal, then we struggle for it at the same time, we are in the right direction? Direction is more important than efforts.

knife here, with your friends briefly talk about personal Adsense do station direction choice:

for beginners novice friends, if you want to build a brand station, you can combine their own interests and expertise to choose to do industry station. Or according to their geographical environment to selectively do local sites, such as recruitment sites, local forums, local classification of information stations. If you want to do a brand station, but you put your mind on doing a single page garbage station, it is estimated that the result is not you do brand station, but brand station you do. For the lack of funds and manpower of individual Adsense, through the industry station or local station to build brand, whether from investment or from the perspective of, is a good choice.

if you have excellent technology, don’t let technology abandoned, you all have to build the brand of station of congenital advantage, you can according to user needs, to develop some applicable widget or software, then take him as the core product, promotion out to gather popularity. A recent example of the hot rainbow QQ is a good example. The forum was set up in February 24, 2008. When the knife was written, the forum was 5086 people online. The entire web site is very simple, creating several simple pages around the rainbow QQ plug-in. And the popularity of the forum has soared in recent months.

for those who want to do fast station, earn money fast friends, what station do you do? QQ station? Beauty picture station, star station, industry station,


1., if you want to make the site traffic quickly changed hands to obtain revenue, you can go to the Admin5 forum site trading area to see the purchase information, patient friends can count the latest week or month of buying information. Statistics on some of the larger demand categories of websites, that is what you have to do. As long as you can make the flow up, someone buy, you have income.

2., if you want to rely on the alliance to make money, then you can go to the Baidu index (index.baidu.com) and Baidu search list (top.baidu.com) query ranking better, less competitive keywords. After the website is done, hang GG advertisement, if GG position is put reasonable, 5000IP>

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