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How to choose the right domain name

generally speaking, a website is made up of domain name, space and content. Domain names are like roads to success, just like the name of a brand. Therefore, choosing the right domain name will play a vital role in the future development of the website and the establishment of the brand.

what should we pay attention to when choosing a domain name,


first, the domain name must be in line with the name of your site. How your website is called stationmaster net, you can find the phonetic alphabet of a few stationmaster and English letter, be the character of domain name. A lot of stationmaster net adopted ZZ combination, representing stationmaster’s meaning. Figure Wang’s webmaster network uses admin, some webmaster more familiar with the letter as the domain name characters. This makes it easy for users to remember. Of course, we also see some of the more avant-garde domain name used by many sites, some PI, some N numbers, some super long pinyin. These domain name website, we can only treat as a temporary entertainment, can not be regarded as long-term development of the brand. For example, I now in Nantong before the marriage, is a English meters, although still relatively short, but the feeling is not conducive to the input, so I use pinyin meters, www.iyx.cc directly is a love game acronym, simple and clear, with the public’s memory.

finally, the domain name selection is simple and easy to remember. I don’t like the combination of 0 or O least, so it’s difficult to distinguish. Sometimes l and 1 are difficult to distinguish, so we try to avoid it.

domain name is bad, is the key to the future development of your website, so, before choosing a good domain name, we must make a good idea. Thank you for the A5 platform

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