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Do links to the PR value of understanding

PR adjustment, probably after this update, most people are complacent, it can be said that basically all the PR value of the site has varying degrees of growth. This can be seen from the major sites, such as Baidu, Tom, Sina, Sohu, from the original PR7 rose to PR8, of course, there are some sites PR did not rise, but almost no decline. I have more than 10 sites since February will not take care of the content is not updated, external links can not manage, this update and the last time does not rise down from the information point, forum and stationmaster net expression of many friends also like this, if your site unfortunately PR out, estimated that there are certain relations with RP (a joke)

, ha ha!

in fact, this PR update, Google handed us the news is very clear, continue to reduce the PR value in Google ranking role. Since Google’s PR value ranking calculation formula, too many people have to rush into danger at the PR value, the emergence of a large number of link behavior, let Google on many web sites for different degrees of punishment. In the Google webmaster blackboard newspaper also more than once to the webmaster tips, not just for search engines and do targeted optimization, website content and customer experience is the most important. I myself think that a website that can get traffic out of search engines is a successful website. In fact, when we use Google search, should also be aware of many low ranking website PR value exceeded the PR value high site, this also shows the user required content is needed to search engine.

Forget it when the

PR value, others want to do when Links and you, what is not to blindly pursue their PR value? You should pay more attention to how the content of the website of the other party, the search engine included the number of pages. A rich content, reasonable structure, better user experience of the site, will inevitably get the favor of visitors, but also in the search engine has good performance.

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