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co domain name appreciation potential is great take the hands of the Co domain name

as early as July 18th, dudo blog published an article on domain name investment:.Co domain name is about to open registration, there is no lack of good choice domain name method. Later, in a separate article, the.Co domain name application note introduced more detailed methods and special considerations. (to register.Co domain name, I want GoDaddy.com first, of course, name.com, YAHOO domain name and so on, I’m good, but I will not recommend the use of domestic domain name registrar registration). If you have a good.Co domain name in your hand, take good care of it and it will accelerate your appreciation.


1,.Co domain name growth amazing

November 9, 2010, BBC published an article Colombian domain challenges.Com, said the November 2010.Co domain name registration number is 600 thousand, can reach 300~500 million registered volume in the future 3~5 years, will become the biggest challenger.Com domain.

recently, the famous domain name industry news magazine published an article entitled DN Journal The Juan Diego Calle Story: How the.CO CEO is Turning a Seldom Used ccTLD Into a Booming Global Brand article, this paper introduces the operation of.Co domain and its present development status.

two and.Co domains have been widely adopted

Chinese love for the.Cn domain name can be described as fanatical, but you may not know,.Co domain name with 6 months to create 600 thousand registered amount,.Cn domain name for more than two years. If you look at the top 1 million Web sites in the world,.Co domain names have reached 497, and there are already 13 years of action history,.Cc domain names widely adopted in China, only 1911 in the first 1 million domains. At this rate of growth, it is believed how long the domain name of.Co will exceed the domain name beyond.Com.Net.

three and 3 domain names were looted,

yes, so far you’ve found any three bit pure number or three bit pure letter domain name. That probably doesn’t mean anything. Everyone loves short domain names, especially for many people. But its rapid growth momentum, can not help but let you cover your pocket, take the hands of the.Co domain name, do not sell too early.

four,.Co domain name appreciation potential is huge,

in June 21, 2010, the famous domain trading bodies, Sedo.com and.Co, completed the auction of e.co

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