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Network Entrepreneurship determines the future

are you really prepared for the growing heat of the Internet?


"it’s hard to make a lot of money online today, but making money online is sure to be the trend tomorrow.". Over the next 2-3 years, online shopping, online shopping and online sales will become a very important part of our lives. As an emerging industry in the future, I think the most important thing today is not to make money, but to accumulate experience. At the beginning of the business, do not strive for money, but also for their own happiness, for their own ideals and experience of accumulation. "Not only for the money you’ve made, but also for your own creativity and perseverance."

for online business, there are two kinds of people’s point of view is wrong. The first one, eyes always looked at the day is full, only Ding Lei and Chen Tianqiao, especially in the network economy, gradually take the electronic commerce will be "hot" of such a big economic situation, they are eager to be on tenterhooks, China make several Ding Lei. Second kinds of people, they think that online business, online shop is just a boring man’s game, it is worthless things, their contribution into this "muddy water", draw a line, and it is not far away from the trend of the times in the end will be helpless sight.

network economy, e-commerce will certainly be the trend of tomorrow, this is China and the world economic development trend, is unstoppable and irreversible. However, China’s e-commerce started late, is currently in the "Lotus just buds" period, on which the growth of e-commerce environment, climate is not really mature, network sound economic order has not been established. State laws and regulations on e-commerce has not yet been introduced, so some of the Internet speculation, fraudsters will have an opportunity.

, the advent of an economic wave is bound to produce a wealth of heroes, but that does not mean that our entrepreneurs can use the Internet to make money overnight. Online entrepreneurs, and more importantly, maintain a good attitude. Take the online shop, online shop and shop in the street, there is no difference between what the essence of the port city, it is just an extension of the traditional shops, the time from the traditional opening and closing business hours extended to 24 hours shop management, space broken domains, the customer group by a block, a traditional city extends to the whole world.

so, online shop entrepreneurs, in the early days, not far fetched to blindly pursue fortune, otherwise, the higher the expectations, may be more disappointed in the course of time, will lose the entrepreneurial passion and confidence, that later miserably, hate free. Business is not every day to make money, business will encounter many painful things. You don’t have to because one person, one thing, affect your mind. When you are in bad business, look at other people, jump out of your own small circle and learn from other people’s experience. Successful people must have their characteristics: diligence, persistence, and >

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