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Wap’s lucrative road trip my WAP League experience

in the WAP world, I have a very small WAP website. Originally built this WAP site, because I think it’s fun, just want to build a site to entertainment, I can not imagine, I will be completely attracted by the world of WAP.

although I stand is very small, but I am almost a lot of WAP advertising alliance in the products are used again, so here, I would like to share with you my heart, I hope you can find the right product from.

my station is built inside the station system of the Empire, as a webmaster friends say I just contact WAP this line, want to go to the station, because the station system of the Empire, the empire is relatively simple, easy to use. So, I went to the Empire station, in fact, I do not have any technology to speak of, but I was in the establishment of the empire system, it is also easy to get a small station out. Although this station is not very beautiful, but due to the Empire’s self built station system, it does not need to spend too much time and ease in building the station, so I feel very satisfied. Then, I slowly modified myself, absorbed the opinions of other webmaster, and finally built a website with its own characteristics.

finally got the station, although not much tinkering, daily traffic also have more than 3000, my WAP site is on track. Now, I’m going to do the last job, hanging advertising, making money. In the WAP world, there are many alliances offering advertising, and there are many types of advertising. For example: click, download, music, novels, voice, and so on. Inside the group, the customer service of each alliance is too mad to advertise, say what their alliance is, what advertisement is good, what what good make money. Seeing so much advertising language, I also have some heart. Although the heart, but I still have to understand clearly. So, I asked a few good relations webmaster, ask them about which WAP union advertising done, the effect is better, more credibility. They told me to do the best, most advertising credibility is the Empire. The Tata and Music Alliance, the following I will I have to do this a few years of experience, to do this a few alliance feeling:

Empire did not say, the old union, everyone is familiar with, and out of some things, reputation in general. The settlement speed is not so good,

MMC most welcome by the webmaster of his statistical system, really good, at that time, IVR is the most distinctive MMC, but also attract Adsense do most advertising. 0.5 – 0.6 yuan order, Zhou Jie, full 20 yuan hair money, dissatisfaction 20 yuan accumulative total. MMC image project is done well, the product line is also very rich, the advertising effect is stable, it is said that the background strength can also used to be a little league, now transformed into a SP, Congratulations! MMC the main benefit is not tax deductible, week end, and good customer service attitude.

Tata’s most popular Adsense is SP class ads, the longest time to do, many webmasters are very suitable for real-time display, data is also real-time. 1.1 yuan is divided into:

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