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Personal experience of making a forum summary

forum is my online video small ultra simple business forum, a half moon, also appeared in the middle server problem, closed for 4 days, the domain name from the binding IP address changed, now the search engine quickly fell on this, everyone is not what good things. Fortunately, my forum is not rely on search engines to get traffic.

below tells you how to get traffic

The content of

1 website wants true.


content is king is not a fake, you are not content search engine is not included, included in the search engine is strictly a lot, such as forum video tutorials are learning something else, make their own summary of the video tutorial. Now a lot of traffic are favorites to come to my website, there is a part of members recommend came, I was very proud of, although not much traffic, but everything is hard in the beginning, focusing on accumulation, I believe my forum

tomorrow will be better!

on how to make something of the original method, a lot of networks, such as the pseudo original, and how the system can free website, well? I want to ask, do they have the technology Baidu and Google badly? Not also, network success can be replicated, but there is one point, mode you can copy, only to be quite different ah, the success of others, you will be successful? Wrong, as Ma Yun said, the success of the method is different, but the reason for the failure of so few. Here you can say that the model can be copied, but the specific implementation methods and efforts to determine your future, or steadfast to do the station,


2 do stand, such as life, be practical.

when I do the website, has asked the member after registration to post the activation account number. I suggest that a real language, a humble person, but to me is rampant junk post forum, there are people acrimony. Since I believe the network, no sympathy, only the strength, as long as your site content, you will not let you post the post, do not need the humble person. As the saying goes, qiurenburuqiuji, to update the content, content to keep the user is a


correct attitude, remove restrictions, open to do standing. Here tell the novice webmaster, in your website did not make big time, make the limitation will only attract criticism, can not keep the user, you only rely on a few good resources is not enough. Remove the restrictions, do the content,

3 does not recommend the use of various promotional software.

The reason I

the forum server shut down is very important, other sites in malicious SEO junk reverse connection too much, so Google Complaints Service Providers, the space was closed, so my site is implicated. Here to tell you, now the search engine manual intervention screening is very strict, search engine managers are very smart, everybody don’t wave >!


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