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Links taboo

Links taboo, Links must not link it station station PW links, I built a www.shzjjt.cn station the station at first I bought a PR 4 links at the beginning, a month is 30 yuan, but after a month, Baidu update no me the station to K out, because I was not cheating, also feel very puzzled, I find the link back, because I had a few links, see a lot of private station at the site link, so I think, probably because the links have private servers of the website will be affected, think back delete it and try it, after a week or so, Baidu again collected my station.

so I would like to remind those who do regular station friends, links should be optimistic about the chain again, if there are many black stations and private stations, links to the site, even if the PR is higher, do not covet petty gains.

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