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Mini KTV new business without burning money and making moneyJingdong listed soon 13 maps to see a

expects the market to exceed 3 billion this year; industry insiders say the machine has been profitable from the start; whether it will continue to develop is still in doubt,

May 31st, Chongwenmen Guorui negative layer, mini KTV, after the scan code can choose to sing a long.

May 31st, Chongwenmen Guorui negative layer, mini KTV. B06-B07 edition photography / Beijing News reporter Wang Fei

academic papers – want to be an official to test NPC, in 1992, Liu Qiangdong college entrance examination has made outstanding achievements, when his scores have been enrolled in the Department of Tsinghua physics. However, because Liu Qiangdong wants to be in politics in the future, he volunteered for the Renmin University of China sociology when he applied for his voluntary duty. Liu Qiangdong once admitted to friends: "I just want to be an official, so I took the National People’s Congress."."

‘s longevity: every time it brings excitement and freshness. But how to keep the mini KTV iterative update of user stickiness? And its business model, in many companies stand, and how many kinds of


since 2017, mini KTV has become a new favorite of young people: on weekends, there are always young people standing long lines. In the capital side, financing news Mini KTV also emerge in an endless stream: sing it declared second days of 10 million yuan Mini KTV Mi Da Minik operating company Amy technology investment number line, friends sing also announced that he won the investment side Youbao online 60 million yuan of capital.

CD began to start from June 18, 1998, with more than 2 yuan in cash to work to earn, to Zhongguancun business counter, magneto-optical products sales agents, and become the most influential of the magneto-optical products agents within two years; the counter is called "multi media Jingdong", this is the "Jingdong mall" predecessor.


AI media consulting data show that in 2017 Chinese line Mini KTV market size is expected to reach 3 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of 92.7% compared to 2016, and in 2018 the line Mini KTV market will continue to grow to 7 billion 10 million yuan, a growth rate of 120.4%, the market broke out.

questioned KTV Mini will burn the old bike to share, and insiders paizhexiongfu guarantee: we do not burn, we are on the subject of the lucrative business doll machine.

— from a foreign start: purchasing logistics grabbed in 1996, Liu Qiangdong graduated from people’s University, worked for a famous foreign enterprise for two years and served as the computer play, business, logistics director and other staff, the lungangzhi Japanese companies exercise Liu Qiangdong, from the computer information technology to logistics the purchase, he did most of his posts.

iterative gameplay?




if you are a love of shopping for young people, a shopping mall in Beijing and the theater, you have a great chance to encounter some strange glass house: one or two young people took the microphone in the door voice light to express, not outside the crowd and eyes.


May 31st, Chongwenmen Guorui negative layer, mini KTV, WeChat scan code screen after three time cost.

business electricity suppliers to make a transition in 2001, Liu Qiangdong’s company copy of Gome and Suning chain store business model IT, by 2003, the IT chain has reached more than 10, but because of "SARS" and was forced out of business. Then began to try online and offline combination model management products. In January 2004, Liu Qiangdong formally founded the Jingdong multimedia network, and in 2005, Liu Qiangdong finally decided

Mini KTV as vending equipment, but also reflects this year’s new trends in traffic: online traffic, price, day expensive, today, offline traffic has become a new contention.

in the traditional line of KTV decline, "big star", "till" brand go out of business case, the traditional KTV must seek the new way of transformation, and this transformation also opened a new door for the layout of the pan entertainment business online Internet Co.



There is only one reason for

self-study expert during college, Liu Qiangdong gradually became interested in programming. He began to teach himself programming. In addition to completing regular studies, Liu Qiangdong claimed to spend 90% of his time in programming while he was in college. A military unit of Liu Qiangdong often ride more than two hours to go to school and the western suburbs of Beijing, sometimes in order to learn a little knowledge, at night he slept on the floor in the room, the next day at 6 in the morning to go back to school.

, the young people in North Canton have heard a joke

The cause of

May 22nd, the Jingdong will be listed in the United States, the China electric business, and this is a sign of the time window, but also indicates that the Jingdong after ten years of running after finally coming into fruition. For Liu Qiangdong, it was a monument to his career. For Liu Qiangdong, many people may wonder how he stepped into today’s, Tencent technology today for everyone to restore a real Liu Qiangdong.

‘s rise: the dissolution of youth, loneliness and fragmentation,

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