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Don’t cut the wire in order to promote the business of home washing machine entrepreneur you threeou

Internet start-ups are very competitive. Some people say that the Internet industry is Losers are always in the wrong. Jungle with an industry which is not. Many enterprises are bigger and stronger before they have "gray" in the past, that is, to take some "no means light" means to achieve the original accumulation. These years frequently broke the amount of financing exaggerated, business data fraud, brush brush brush list data, and all kinds of other "evil" behavior Reference: why China Internet Corporation are evil, love the environment.




5. please do not contact Wangwang messages, otherwise all review: failed

address: zhubajie/task/ivo/205453 interested friends can look at.


this company from unknown to overnight by reason in the circle of discussion, they accept a business interview, bluntly had to expand their business had resorted to "bad idea", power line automatic washing machine that cut the university dormitory downstairs, and then realize the so-called "mandatory trial", to get the first batch of the user, ushered in the beginning of growth.

this behavior has to break the bottom line, more importantly, entrepreneurs even reported entrepreneurs in the media did not think this thing has what problem, the stately share out "". Dare Jieduan yourself, and don’t think their short is short, people Speechless.

soon users analysis, the start-up company’s behavior alleged illegal. Fortunately, at most it may be a violation of the law on the administration of public security penalties, at most detention, and there will be no jail.

4. each ID can only do two times, repeat tasks need to change IP and ID,

task is as follows:


in order to facilitate the review, "

what’s interesting is that someone else has pulled out and the company’s previous copywriting seems to be unique:

1, buy the store 1 of any piece of goods, because of such goods, you need to have the freight, the first payment, after the payment, I do not have your delivery, two days after confirmation of receipt, after the transaction to praise. I will take the trading of goods money and spending your first freight through Alipay go back to call you, then in here to give you 1 yuan.

an unexpected fire broke out in an entrepreneurial team today. Campus laundry service team "house bag wash", known as its own cover 1500 colleges and universities, has been the campus laundry service No1, and successfully financing 10 million.

3. must have a Taobao account 1 above, and often in taobao shopping friend


Abstract: break the bottom line to do some "means", or to distinguish between right and wrong, at least under the cover of shame.

, the company’s public relations officer named Xu Dan, responded in a circle of friends, judging by the tone of his voice, "that it does not consider any serious problems with the behavior of cutting the power line, but that it is a public relations achievement."". If nothing else, the company could have a public opinion crisis, a small legal problem, a moral issue. However, the company may also be happy — when a curriculum is applied to the CCTV for public opinion questioned after bragging, but ushered in the explosive growth of App download.

many people disdain or even rage about such behavior. Some investors have said that if all Chinese entrepreneurs do this, then China will have no hope.

well. This is my "pig" has a very poor trick to see. It looked at the start I feel very funny, so I thought we should botched a glance? But let me understand is at the completion of the task, there are actually 29. Look at the task message, found that there are still so many new friends cheated. He decided to write it, although we may see through, but after all, there are a lot of new people will be deceived.

Miracle she has been almost a month no time to write articles, and his original goals are going away. There is also a lot of Q friends asked, thank you for your attention. The main thing is that time is too much, a little quiet heart to. Today I have time to write something, but some people getting money off, and did not involve money content.

"simple task, super simple, super cost-effective. The new veteran will do


This task

2, Taobao Taobao account for submitting the manuscript to the transaction order number can be considered a task is completed and praise screenshots submitted at the same time,

this article is mainly aimed at some Wangzhuan novice, especially some new friends mixed pig, the task of Chinese. Here you can see the old directly over the. Miracle estimation is always so from time to time to write some articles exposing the dark side slowly will cause outrage. Although written can make some people can’t continue indefinitely, but after all, can avoid more people cheated, even from the misunderstanding of wangzhuan. When I was in full for Wangzhuan name it.

! The

note: you must leave your Alipay account, and contact. The transaction shall return to you after I will inform you the first time, please note that check.

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