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Alipay trust by dotting spread nternetAmbition writing the importance of Wangzhuan thinking


        independent third party payment platform, Alipay teamed up before the extension of interactive advertising network operators, to further promote the Internet trust plan in the latter dotting the advertising alliance. The plan aims to give appropriate identification to good faith businesses and individuals, while speeding up the construction of corporate and personal online integrity files.

dragon interactive CEO Su Yi said that the lack of domestic reality social credit environment, the bottleneck lies in the user’s distrust of network consumer behavior. Therefore, we must vigorously cultivate the market. It is understood that the focus advertising through with 163, TOM, and other domestic china core portal cooperation and vertical portals, has formed a cross media promotion platform.

so, how can we exercise their Wangzhuan thinking? The answer is, writing. So, today to talk about the writing of ambition is Wangzhuan thinking.

earlier, Alibaba had to borrow "dotting Product placement recruit member and provide the embedded keywords related industries" texts in advertising service based on their Chinese suppliers and TrustPass members. With the 2006 Alipay strategic positioning in the core market transfer love echoes, 2007, Alipay will begin to promote the "transfer trust plan".

three. Write articles, you insist on

this point will not be unfamiliar to believe Wangzhuan laoniao. Look at these Wangzhuan expert will know, understand, Wang Tong, for a long time, Taobao made the devil and so on; which we call the tutor class predecessors, basically have formed the habit of writing, and their classic on the Internet can be seen everywhere in the us. Even more exaggerated is to understand, he writes, sometimes we have to spend money to buy. The hardcore predecessors why every day would never write the article? The reason is very simple, in order to exercise their own Wangzhuan thinking. Where do Wangzhuan not write articles, do Wangzhuan basically do not, or who can not write an article, not a qualified person wangzhuan. Therefore, writing is one of the essential skills of each Wangzhuan people.

. Writing is a basic skill to do Wangzhuan

Hello, everybody. I’m ambitious. Do Wangzhuan people know, have thought of making money is so important, but money is not all of a sudden thinking can be learned, but the long-term accumulation of exercise to have an independent thinking wangzhuan. The importance of thinking to do Wangzhuan Wangzhuan projects that do Wangzhuan people deep.

as the saying goes, read the three hundred Tang poems will not recite poetry. Even if you can not write poems, but you read the poem, nature can not carry him more or less a few. Writing is the same, when you write a lot of articles, and casually give you a topic, you can comfortably sprinkle 10002000 words. This is actually a quantitative change into a qualitative change, the earth people know, so here is not much discussion. The key here, then write more articles with thinking how Wangzhuan together? We are a Wangzhuan, but I prefer to regard myself as a learner. I love to some common ambition click advertising, then analyze the ads is what to do, how to operate and how to profit and so on, and then in the process of analysis to learn the things written in the form of writing. As you just said, when you analyze these advertising items accumulated to hundreds of thousands of times, how to call you a money project planning, not simple? Many people can’t understand the reason, that writing is a waste of time. But a wise man will definitely steal to smile, because you are in every hour and moment to exercise their own Wangzhuan thinking, not in every hour and moment learning! The more powerful Wangzhuan, learning ability is strong, because every day they kept learning, analysis of the project, and then writing summary, let oneself learn more and more powerful. Another sign of a qualified person Wangzhuan, in two words or three cannot do without writing, three two sentences cannot do without the old work.

two. Writing articles can keep your mind active,

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