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Novice to do Taobao guest website must pay attention to three pointsA5 Adsense buy network officiall

a ball, a daily mass. In addition to weekends, holidays, there are new groups every day, every day there are new exciting.

"one" is the smallest and largest.

, together, together. Unite, unite as one. The price to achieve the most affordable, the product selected to the most reliable.

friend asked me, "what’s your new domain name?" I replied, "etuan."".

"Oh, it was that E."."

"one" is the most appropriate.

, one in uppercase, no longer tangled with ABCDE’s e or EFG’s e?. Compared to the E group, keyboard typing is not required to change the input method.

regiment, one-stop regiment. DNS software source code training where should, Nothing needed is lacking. As long as we can help the majority of Internet entrepreneurs, we are willing to strive for benefits for everyone.

that night, after we finished our run, we went to the barbecue stall near the green space. After a few beers, before I started nagging happened to me and friends tangle:

A5 Adsense buy network will become history, today, the Chinese name officially changed to a "www.etuan", I would like to share with you our reasons.

Why is

May 27, 2012, A5>

! A ball! A ball! Ha ha! That’s great. Thanks brother Miao for giving me the advice when I racked my brains.

why should the choice of space in the first place? In fact, space is the true source of help you save a lot of money, your little space never mind, as long as the stable if you can, in order to save tens of dollars to buy a slightly cheaper space, then congratulations, you are doomed to spend more money to buy a space, no good cheap goods this saying is really wrong, an unstable space, every two or three days the site not open, this station also do. This is what I’ve met, and I want to pay attention to it, ha!

this is very important, if you spend money to buy the program, you must understand this website program before they can buy, if you buy a junk program, this is not only to pay to a program so simple, but also dragged down the name of the search engine friendly. Just like your house is being decorated, you change the door of the room to another location, when you want to enter the room, you will inadvertently go to the front door of the room, it will take some time to get used to it. The search engine is the same, the original door was changed, the search engine also needs time to adapt, but this time is unknown, maybe a month or two months or even three months will be in the door and out smoothly. This is what I encountered many problems, the first program before I started doing the guest when buying is more Taobao customers.

buy domain name is not squandering money, I just give you a suggestion, in the selected domain does not need to remember the domain name, because most people now use sh419 search site name, site name is simple and easy to remember as long as you can, if you are able to register a good domain name that is of course OK! In addition, choose a good domain name is a great help to the railway station, such as a registered PR domain name, when sh419 included normal can with the same PR web site links, so the weight of the railway station is a great advantage, if you don’t want to talk to the PR value of domain name the PR value of Web site links, others is not change with you, as for how to find a PR domain, you can search the domain name to delete the list "on sh419, you can find. Here I am a little regret, why didn’t I register a domain name with PR at first?.

"ABCDE’s e,"

"the moral Sutra" said: "one day, one clear, one ground to Ning.". We expect the webmaster to "one" to profit. We would like to provide the best quality and cheap products to the webmaster friends, willing to help entrepreneurs friends began, in a life of two, two three, sanshengwan.

called "a bunch"?

1. Choose the right space,

"Oh, EFG’s e!"".

three, select the web site program

thought, if it is E, want to be excellent, E Internet, eCommerce, etuan, Chinese and Western invincible. But the explanation is truly fresh waste.


first of all, this article built a station to have new friends, veteran across, of course, if you are a novice not built over the site, want to do a Taobao off site, it is recommended that you continue to look down, this article believe that can help you save a lot of money, the website does not make money not to say, just do not blindly throwing money. After all, I came here, the site of the process of every little bit, I have no more than you have built the site to be clear, and then I will do the station since the detour, to share with you, so that we avoid the road I have walked.

two, domain name selection

"which e?"

group, the Internet business platform first buy site, which is our own requirements, but also webmaster friends of our expectations.

"one" is the simplest.


, "ABCDE’s e"."

Miao brother said, "how about a ball?". "A mess?" seedlings did not timely answer my brother, he selfishly took fresh mutton in the hot oven to bake to be absorbed in turn. He sometimes pepper cumin, sometimes turning meat, oil droplets in the oven "Chi Chi, Chi Chi", the fire leap, reflecting his flapping red cheeks.

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