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The prince of the garbage flows especially Taibai start empty handed do WangzhuanSing up to 15 month

share a: the timing of entrepreneurship and financing

2005, Chen Hua founded Cool News Network received a $2 million investment in April 2006, September, won the second round of $10 million investment, two rounds of investment by joint investment fund sources and LIAN SIG. By the end of 2008, due to disagreements with investors, Chen Hua announced he was leaving the cool web, in April 2009 joined the Alibaba, engaged in the research of search engine technology application.

why does tiger sniffing come to focus on "singing" prequel,


attended the teacher training after the novice eyes on the hook, with the help of the teacher, then the garbage Union green entertainment, 799, nine wins, several months also earn thousands of dollars, enough living expenses! I used to dispatch and artificial YAHOO blog do 10 thousand a day IP, but because of the back end the league is too garbage a day is more than 20 piece, I really regret not know Taobao, not looking for the bidding products of course it’s experience and vision problems. At that time the YAHOO blog to flow too easily. Later, I could not afford to cry from my mother and go home to get married. At that time, the girl’s words moved me. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know whether it was right or wrong. Many friends told me that I would regret it. In fact, now think about it, a bit of regret. Joking, my wife must hit me again. Man should bear the commitment, I do not regret it. In the past two years, my brothers have been working outside the home. I have one left at home and my parents are too heavy. Four old men are enough for them, and I have been to school many times, and have not been with them for many years. I have been able to live under the knee for a few years, and my heart is content.



, "1998-1999 and 2005-2006 are good startups. After this, you can’t get the money.". That’s what experience tells me. Last year was also the peak period of capital market entrepreneurship. 2010-2011 years of electricity providers, mobile Internet to get a lot of money. This means that in 5 or 6 years, there will be big companies in this area. If I miss it, I’ll regret it. You see, it’s hard to raise money this year."

before that, let’s see "sing" prequel.

after our report came out, the people who used it said that the product was indeed very good, while others said it was difficult to understand the "singing a stranger with a cell phone", and was not optimistic about the product.

, tiger sniffing, according to "start-up nation" magazine content, refined a "cock explosion", "sing" is how red up?

, but it must be out in 2011. Why? First, he felt he could stay longer. His previous resources, connections and influence were almost gone. "Who remembers who Chen Hua is?" two, the timing of the industry. Chen Hua said, "


, 2011 >

especially Taibai, I didn’t say anything before I graduated from university. After graduating from college I belong to that kind of person has drifted 07, when the second half of the contact network, then you want to be a freelance writer, wrote more than 3 months, only more than 20 articles in netrose above, an article is not received. Later contact with the Internet to make money, and, like most people, from the click and investigation class started, do more than a month, a penny did not receive, ha ha. Then I looked for the project myself. Did SP, bought a tutorial, and finally ended up losing money. At that time, the network has made money to doubt the attitude, and later earned by the code earned on the network’s first income, 21.5 yuan, I still remember, let me strengthen the network can make money ideas. My personality is introverted, so I always want to find a free job. Later, I learned how to understand and understand the strategic base. When I understood the fire, I had a long time in understanding and understanding the strategic base of the teacher. I finally decided to join the strategic base of my teacher. The tuition was 1000 yuan, to tell the truth, at that time was penniless, the rent is handed over to the family. The family is rural and belongs to the poorer type, and the parents do not understand the network. So I decided to work for myself, earn my tuition, and study again. In a private primary school taught for six months, when the salary is 500, see this salary, we will be very surprised. But that was the case in our county. After one semester, I saved 1500 yuan. I remember paying the tuition. It was August 14th, and it was raining. I was so excited at teaching the tuition that I quit my job. A person to Ji’nan, find a classmate, borrow money, pay the rent, get the net. I started my career as a student.

yes, by now, it’s still a controversial product. Later, we will ask a non senior investor to express his "not optimistic" view of the product.

this is a free social networking application of mobile phone karaoke.

"sing" is undoubtedly the hottest new App in the recent Chinese world is there one? Welcome to the tiger sniffing out the others.

because it’s a history of failure. Because founder Chen Hua and his team explored the painful history, "singing" was created from that dark history. The Chen Hua team stayed for almost 15 months.

wife is a very realistic and easy to satisfy woman. She doesn’t have high expectations for me

these 15 months of experience, for a large number of entrepreneurs, as well as investors, is worth sharing experience.

"actually I thought about it in 2010, but I didn’t make up my mind, and Ali didn’t finish it."." Chen Hua says.

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